Orange against Intoxications, Acidosis, Allergies, Uremia, Pyorrhea, Intestinal problems, etc.

The Orange is  a great fruit. Chronic intoxications, a tendency towards allergies and acidosis or intestinal problems which are caused by a lot of illnesses and infections like dermatitis, cystitis, etc.  They can’t resist the natural medicine in oranges, which, among its natural cures, is one of the most pleasant, effective, and potent, and it also has an unequaled taste.

Orange against Intoxications, Acidosis, AllergiesOranges have potent medicinal properties.  Some doctors use them to detoxify patients’ bodies before operations.  They are also used to treat a lot of skin problems, infections, lazy or sickly intestines, etc.

The wonders of oranges also make them useful for all ages, children enjoy them a lot, and they can also cure allergies, infections and more.  Combined with all of that, oranges help fight fatigue or weakness, both mental as well as physical.

Properties that stand out in orange

  • They purify the body, as well as the mouth and teeth, which helps prevent cavities as well as many other things.
  • They are potent cleansers, activate the intestines and remove toxins easily.  They are recommended for cases of dermatitis, arthritis, etc., because not only do they help remove toxins, but they reduce inflammation in the joints and nourish them, and well as tissues.
  • Orange is one of the strongest alkalizing foods for saliva’s physical-chemical reaction.  They also reduce blood acidity, eliminating toxins and waste elements.
  • The tone the parotid glands.
  • Excellent means for eliminating pyorrhea microbes (gum disease).  They also whiten teeth better than any other chemical product.
  • The increase appetite and help digestion, but you should read about how to eat them because you shouldn’t mix them with other foods if you want to benefit from them medicinally.
  • They cure ulcers in the mouth or duodenum.
  • The purge the liver from poisons, and strengthen and detoxify it.  If you were to consider that a lot of illnesses arise from poor liver functioning (like obesity, high cholesterol, etc.), then you are also curing those conditions by eating oranges.
  • A potent remedy against constipation.
  • Wonderful cure for coughs, lung problems, the flu, pneumonia, etc.
  • Contains a large amount of vitamin C, one of the most potent antioxidants which helps cure and prevent typhus, smallpox, scarlet fever, gastric fever, measles, boils, bladder and kidney infections, etc.
  • Helps fight anemia and anorexia.
  • A very effective remedy for preventing and fighting cancer.

How do I use orange medicinally?

In order to take full advantage of the wonders of this fruit, you need to keep the following recommendations in mind.

  • Never mix oranges with any other food because the orange will create gastric juices that are not compatible, and which will not be advantageous.  Oranges should always be eaten by themselves, you can combine them with guava, mandarin, grapefruit or pineapple, but always eat them on an empty stomach.  This means eating them 2 hours after mealtime, or 20 minutes before eating.
  • For cleansing effects and to fight infectious diseases, you need to eat it before breakfast.  If yo uare obese, opt to eat the orange wedges which will remove stuck fat.  Orange juice before breakfast helps cleanse the body in general and bitalizes and nourishes organs.
  • A very effective cure with orange is to consume just oranges for two or three days.  For this, you need to prepare the stomach with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil before breakfast.  Then, eat just oranges, either juiced or sliced.  For those days, eat orange on an empty stomach and drink two liters of fresh water a day.  This cure is recommendable for all infectious diseases, to cure skin problems, intestines and glands.
  • Oranges juice should be drank immediately after preparing it so it doesn’t lose a lot of its properties and vitamins.
  • Warm, cooked, refrigerated, sugared, canned, or oranges in a syrup do not serve for medicinal purposes.

Oranges help children and adolescents during growth and for good bone and muscle development.  So it’s a good idea to give your children a cup of orange juice every morning before they eat anything else.

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