Natural Remedies for Prostate Problems

There are several natural remedies for prostate problems. Prostatitis and enlargement of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) are prostate conditions that men frequently suffer from after the age of 45.  These types of conditions are primarily due to incorrect functioning of the system known as the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-testicular system, whereby the hypothalamus produces hormones that act on the hypophysis, and regulates proper functioning of the masculine hormones in the male body.

Natural Remedies for Prostate ProblemsSeveral remedies can be prescribed and considered for these conditions, especially when the symptoms become truly bothersome and painful.  A few conventional remedies would be surgery, taking antibiotic, medications, etc.  However, before assessing any of these remedies, it would be important for you to take a look at these natural alternatives to help your prostate recover its health.  Remember that natural remedies, unlike conventional medications, has the wonderful advantage and virtue of helping the body strengthen its ability to self-heal, strengthens its defense systems, and makes the body stronger and more resistant to all sorts of conditions and contagions.

Natural remedies for prostatitis and enlargement of the prostate

  • FIGHTS INFECTIONS: if you have prostatitis and it is due to an infection or an accumulation of bacteria, eat one clove of raw garlic every morning before breakfast, with half a glass of warm water.  Garlic is an excellent bactericide, and it the most potent antibiotic in nature.  Also, eat a salad with just papaya in the morning (this can be half an hour after eating the garlic).  Eat all that you can, but do not sweeten it with anything.  Papaya is excellent at removing inflammation.
  • RECOMMENDED DIET: avoid especially refined sugars and all its derivatives (sodas, refined pastries, sweets, white sugar, etc.).  Refined sugar creates an interior environment that fosters the growth of bacteria, infections, and other things, and also affects and imbalances the individual’s hormone system.  Also, try to reduce your consumption of meats, fried food, packaged animal products, vinegar, alcohol, and irritants as much as possible.  Include asparagus in your diet, which are very beneficial for preventing prostate enlargement.
  • LINSEED OIL: this oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are especially useful for alleviating prostate enlargement.  You can add one or two tablespoons of this oil a day to your salads or soups.
  • WATERMELON: helps alleviate inflammation in the prostate and bladder.  You must eat it without mixing it with other foods, eat it with nothing else, in the after noon.
  • SPECIAL SMOOTHIE: prepare a smoothie with parsley, onion, and the juice of one lemon: drink it in the morning and before breakfast.  This strengthens good prostate functioning.
  • SAW PALMETTO (serenoa repens): a popular remedy for alleviating enlarged prostate symptoms.  Increases urine flow and reduces the frequent urge to urinate.
  • PUMPKIN SEEDS: eat raw pumpkin seeds.  This remedy is especially beneficial in cases of prostate enlargement as they contain zinc, which is very beneficial for prostate health.

Herbs and herbal teas to treat prostate problems:

  • CORN SILK: to make an infusion with corn silk, boil a handful of corn silk for 5 minutes, in half a liter of fresh water.  Strain and drink.  This is a good rmedy for treating prostate inflammation.
  • NETTLE: this is recommended because it helps reduce the frequent urge to urinate at night.  It is recommended to take 2 tsp. of extract a day.
  • PUMPKIN SEED TEA: place one handful of crushed pumpkin seeds a 1 pint jar.  Fill with boiling water, and allow to cool.  Strain and drink every day.

Other natural treatments for the prostate problems:

  • Take baths sitting down in warm water, which will increase circulation in the prostate gland, and will help reduce inflammation.
  • Go to a reflexology or acupuncture session to help with this condition.  We have reflex points in the feet that can help stimulate and strengthen weakened organs and  systems in the body.
  • Softly pinch inferior ankle bone on your feet (one inch from the heel, on the inside of the foot).  Certain reflex points related to the prostate are found here.  Make movements with your hands in this area, that are similar to those used to milk a cow, several times a day.


From the energetic medicine perspective, all conditions have their roots in energetic state that powerfully influence the body.  We can sum up that these energetic states are known as emotions, which are related to the way the individual sees life, and how they feel it and solve it.  Every person’s emotional world undoubtedly influences the health in their body.  Emotions are nothing more than energy that circulates through the body at every moment, sending messages that the cells and organs absorb.  In this case, prostate problems are emotionally related to the way that they man exercises his sexuality in life, and how he feels about it.  If you would like to know more about the subject, you could read the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay.

Bioenergetics is a very effective energetic medicine alternative for treating emotional blockages that prevent the circulation of positive energy in the body, and that prevent health.  This therapy is recommended for treating almost any condition, regardless of age, because the body can function with balance, strength, and vigor at any age.

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