Cystitis (urinary tract infections): Causes and Natural remedies

Cystitis is an infection of the urinary tract that is sometimes accompanied by urethritis (infection and inflammation of the urethra).
Cystitis: Causes and Natural remedies

The most common symptoms of cystitis are

  • Burning during urination, and pain after urination.
  • Foul smell to urine.
  • Darker color to urine than normal.
  • Slight tint of blood in the urine.
  • Frequency of urination with little urine flow.
  • Abdominal and lumbar pain.
  • Fever, headache.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Tiredness, fatigue, dizziness.
  • Irritability, loss of appetite

Factors that increase susceptibility

  • Weak immune system due to nutritional deficiencies, low vitamin C consumption, excessive stress, and excessive consumption of refined sugars, white flour, and junk food or foods with chemical additives.  These foods only serve to fill the body with toxins , making it more prone to incubating bacteria, and therefore, infections).
  • Constipation
  • Sexual relations (if your partner has this infection, or poor hygiene).
  • Diaphragm use.
  • Tampon use (during menstruation).
  • Irritating products like shampoo or bubble baths (these irritate and dry out the skin, making it more vulnerable to infections).
  • Masturbation (when touching the genitals with dirty hands, or after having touched the anal region without washing your hands well).
  • Excessive scratching of the genital area.

General advice for treating an infection naturally

DRINK FRESH WATER: It is important to drink at least 2 liters of fresh water a day, or more.  Do not drink sodas or processed juice.  This cleans the urine, and leaves it less concentrated (if indeed, your urine is concentrated).

DIET: Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.  These help cleanse any infection, including cystitis.  Concentrated blueberry juice, or blackberry or orange juice, with a spoonful of pollen is excellent for treating infections if taken in the morning before breakfast.  If the infection is serious, eat 1 clove of garlic before breakfast for 1 month.  Carrot, celery, and parsley juice are also rich in minerals, and strengthen and nourish the urinary tract.

AVOID WHITE SUGAR: White sugar is one of the most harmful “foods” when an infection is present.  Sugar creates an environment within the body that fosters bacterial incubation and proliferation.  Avoid for now, as much as you can any and all white sugar derivatives, and processed poducts, like soda, cookies, sweets, chocolate, sugar sweetened drinks, etc.

CLEANING: When you go to the bathroom, wipe from front to back.  This will prevent the infection from worsening.  Cleaning the other way is one of the most common causes of infection and aggravating an infection.  Always use white toilet paper.

SEXUAL RELATIONS: Urinate before and after having sexual relations, even if you don’t feel like you need to.  Even just a little bit of urine helps eliminate possible bacteria from the vagina that could be carried to the bladder.

DIAPHRAGM USE: Avoid using diaphragms, as these have been shown to be a principal cause of bladder infections.  Try to use other alternatives.

FEMININE SANITARY PADS: It is always more hygienic and healthier to use sanitary pads, rather than tampons, during your menstrual period.

UNDERWEAR: Always prefer natural fibers, especially cotton.  Organic is an even better choice.  Additionally, keep your underwear dry and avoid using tight underwear, which prevents ventilation.

PHYTOTHERAPY: Treating infections through use of natural remedies is always a better alternative to sedating the body with medication.  Phytotherapy not only heals, but also helps strengthen and naturally activate the immune system.

Echinacea strengthens the body’s immune system,arrayan is a natural urinary antiseptic, and heather is a urinary antiseptic that also calms burning during urination.  Cherries are diuretics and calm urinary tract inflammation.

Thyme possesses antiseptic properties when used in infusions and applied as a warm poultice bellow the belly.  This helps going to the bathroom.

Bergamot and tea tree are perfect to use while sitting in the tub to fight an infection.

Emotional causes

Anger, anxiety, and clinging to old ideas or solutions are emotional factors that predispose the body to this condition.  “Getting free” hurts, is irritating, and burns.  It’s best to try thinking flexibly, openly, and trust in freeing yourself from unnecessary things.

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