The wonders of Onions

Who hasn’t ever felt a smooth, fresh onion?  Wouldn’t you like to have skin that smooth and clean?  Onions are a great appetite stimulant, and are great for regulating stomach functions.  But above all, onions are excellent tonic, and eaten raw and in certain doses helps keep optimal conditions in the body overall; most importantly, the intestines.  When clean, the intestines function optimally and help proper nutrient absorption from the foods we eat, as well as ideal skin conditions, helping the skin to shine smooth, healthy, and young.

The wonders of OnionsOnions have several properties that are used in natural medicine to treat diverse conditions.  This white vegetable is:

  • a disinfectant
  • an astringent
  • cleansing
  • a germicide
  • a cardio tonic
  • hypoglycemic
  • anti-dandruff
  • anti-hair loss

Ways to use onion to treat different conditions

1. Respiratory illnesses: Eating raw onion, or onion juice, is perfect for treating cough, the flu, colds, and bronchitis.  In this case, make onion juice with the juice of two lemons, and 2 Tbsp. of pure honey.  Take sips of it throughout the day.  Onion enzymes boost oxygen fixation to bells, collaborating in respiratory function.

2. Constipation: The last remedy also helps evacuation and cleansing the intestines.  Eating bites of onion, or splitting it and eating it with lemon and salt also serve as a natural remedy.

3. Infectious diseases: Eating a small bite of onion daily, either juiced, in a mixed salad with other vegetables, or as a side to another dish, is excellent at helping prevent all sorts of contagious and infectious diseases.

4. Preventing dandruff and hair loss: washing your hair with onion juice helps remove dandruff and prevent, or stop, hair loss.

5. Diabetes: Incorporating a dose of onion juice in your treatment is excellent at cleansing the blood.

6. Regulates the menstrual cycle: Due to its emmenagogue properties, onions helps regulate the menstrual cycle.  Drink onion juice constantly.

7. Other therapeutic applications: Reduces the danger of thrombosis as well as cholesterol, triglyceride, and uric acid levels in the blood.  Boosts general growth and strengthening of organic defenses.

8. Rejuvenates and beautifies the skin: By applying onion juice to your skin and allowing it to absorb, you will notice that your face will begin to be clean of impurities.  Your skin will be rejuvenated.  This is a beauty treatment that doesn’t cost hardly anything, and can provide wonderful results.

9. More applications: Edemas, convalescence, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, cardiac and circulatory disorders, slow digestion, flatulence, intestinal parasites, intestinal fermentation, nervousness, rheumatism, obesity, cellulitis, osteoporosis, wounds, oliguria (scant urine production), pelvic organ congestion in women, and prostatitis in men.

10. Useful in treating chilblains, wrinkles, and varicose veins.  In these cases, apply onion pulp, well crushed, to the top of the area to be treated.  Use as a cream, and let set for as long as possible.

Culinary uses of Onions:

Onion is healthy and nutritious, and is also very versatile in the kitchen.  It is used to prepare condiments as a base for innumerable dishes, of all types of cooking.  It can be used as salad dressing, and to accompany dishes like salads or stews.

To accompany soy meat, you can boil onion, batter it in garbanzo flour, or fry it.  Keep in mind, however, that cooking destroys essential components, which is why it is recommended to eat onion primarily raw and crunchy.

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