Magnetic field: brilliant colors all around

In 1939, the Russian Kirlian discovered, while working in an electro-therapeutic laboratory, what we now call the magnetic field.  This is also known as the human aura.  While working, Kirlian began seeing electric sparks on a patient’s skin.  He then had the bright idea of attaching this experiment to a photographic plate.

Magnetic field: brilliant colors all aroundThis is how Kirlian’s camera was born; a photographic camera that gives evidence to the existence of an electric field around the human body.  This camera is able to photograph the colorful lights that exist around living beings.

The auric field began to be studied, and later certain conclusions were made about the lights emanating from living bodies.  Human beings began to be associated with certain colors, light intensities, and certain forms were related to emotional and mental states of individuals.  For example, it has been concluded that if the aura present opaque colors or dark spots, it’s a sign that the individual presents some type of energetic blockage.

Energetic blockages

Energetic blockages are dense or heavy energy that remains trapped in the auric field, just as dirty water stays pooled in the fridge.  When a blockage exists, it’s a sign that shows predisposition for illness.  The blockage is understood as an emotional or mental weakness.  The grades of opacity signal the severity of the trapped energy, to the point where in cases of very severe opacity, the individual has already manifested the illness on a physical level.

Quite a few things can be seen in the aura on an energetic level, that still haven’t manifested physically.  For example, if left unresolved, depression, anxiety, jealousy, confusion, etc., block the flow of energy, making space over time, for physical illnesses.

Healthy auras

A healthy aura forms a sort of luminous egg around the individuals body and extends according the the levels of harmony and equilibrium present.  Different from the opaque and weak aura (that is neither expansive nor in the shape of an egg, but rather flattened at the head), a brilliant and luminous aura, expansive and egg-shaped represents a mental and emotional state that is clear and fluid.  This represents extraordinary understanding and sensitivity.

Aura colors change from moment to moment, depending on mental, emotional, and affective states of the individual.  This is why if you have a photograph taken of your aura, don’t think it is always like that.  The aura frequently changes, and changes according to your attitudes, thoughts, and emotions.  

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