Do-in: a natural health alternative

The ancient Chinese discovered that the body is dissected by a series of energetic “pathways” called meridians, that respond to the stimulus of pressure.  This birthed acupuncture and what is also known as Do-in.  This latter is a art for curing through massage and by stimulating specific energetic points located throughout the body.
young woman on the therapy massage procedure

Ki and Do-in

The universal electromagnetic energy that circulates throughout the entire body was named Ki by the Chinese.  Ki exists in all areas of the body, as well as in other things, especially living things.  You could almost say that the more alive something is, the more Ki energy circulates through their body.

When Ki is balanced, or has reached a certain Yin-Yang polarization, the body is healthy and full of vitality.  When that energy is interrupted, however, or blocked, or circulation is weak, we will then have a weak body, more or less ill, with a weak mind that tends toward depression.

The illness appears when this balance, or harmonious Ki flow, is broken.  The body then looses its defenses, and is more prone to all sorts of contagions.

How does Do-in work?

Do-in is a massage that activates the meridian’s receptor points to reestablish altered or blocked energetic flow.  It thus recuperates balance and cosmic harmony (health).

This practice does not require any special philosophy or diet.  Its results can be quickly noticed once the practice has begun.  Correct massage, given by a professional, can immediately calm violent pains or chronic conditions.

Points or meridians

Ancient Chinese noticed also that when disturbances in organs existed, a series of painful areas was also experienced, which was always the same.  They also proved that by exerting pressure on some of the points, the patient would feel a sense of electricity run through said point to another zone in the body, almost as if a sort of cable were activated.  These cables were called meridians.

Ki flows uninterrupted through the body’s structure in 5 distinct levels:

1 – The bones (the deepest level)

2 – The muscles

3 – The blood vessels and the lymphatic system

4 – The subcutaneous region

5 – The skin’s surface

The Aura follows after these 5 levels, which is the light that surrounds every living being and that is imperceptible to the ordinary human eye.

The channels and meridians used in Do-in pertain to the 4th level.  This is the subcutaneous region and is located in points throughout the skin.

There are considered to be 14 important meridians in Do-In, and 12 main ones, associated with 12 organs.  There are also 2 extra meridians that function as energy reservoirs.

By working with the meridians we can cure an innumerable amount of illnesses, such as those that pertain to the blood, liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, etc.  We can also strengthen the organs’ and systems’ harmonious work (nervous system, digestion, muscles, etc.).  We can also calm pains, help level emotions, and it is also useful in first aid.

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