A Friendly attitude towards your emotions

Being angry, sad, worn out, feeling love and happiness are the emotions that make up life.  Human beings have the right to feel anything, and there is no rule or reason for which we should reject or deny what we feel.  It would be very restrictive if someone were to sit beside us and tell us how we should or should not feel in any situation.  Not even we should judge what we feel to be good or bad.  We are here to feel each and every experience in life and to explore our emotions without judgment.

When we feel like crying, we must cry without shame or reason.  We should cry deeply, or feel anger and envy, or pleasure and excitement, without feeling we’re doing something bad.  If conflict exists within a human being, it comes precisely from feeling as if one were doing something wrong and that it’s neither acceptable nor “right”.Sunflower. A Friendly attitude towards your emotions

Understanding our emotions

The best thing about emotions is that they bring you an understanding that you could never buy, not even with all the gold in the world.  But if you deny your emotions – if you avoid or suppress them – you will never achieve this understanding, and will therefore continue to “attract” similar situations as those you already ran from.

This is why when you experience something that “moves” you in any way, before anything you must remove this severely embedded “social judgment”, and reject this aggressive inhibitor which tells you if what you feel is good or bad.  Of course, we can’t walk around being angry and crying in every corner, but search for places in which to vent your feelings; places where you can be alone and connect with what your feelings are trying to tell you.

Frequently our pain comes from our resistance to change. We think that others are responsible for the happiness and experiences in our lives.  No one can make us angry or feel bad unless we are receptive to it, and we feel so poorly about some aspect of ourselves which leaves us feeling vulnerable to what others do.  One example would be if you were walking down the street and someone says to you “you’re a banana”.  Obviously this comment would make you laugh, as you know perfectly well you are not.  But is someone yells at you, calling you “stupid”, your reaction would demonstrate how much you truly felt that way.

It’s not about what others say or do; it’s about how you feel about yourself.  When you deeply recognize what you feel and the attitudes that generate your emotions, an understanding will arise seemingly out of nowhere.  After having vented your emotions you will feel relief in your entire body, and soon you will see that by assuming responsibility for yourself and by searching for ways in which you feel most satisfied and complete, you will become stronger according to the way in which you live.      

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