Sick again: Instantly cure Yourself

We all would like to cure ourselves instantly, take away whatever troubles us, hurts us, or prevents us from moving the way we want to move or doesn’t let us do what we want to do.  It seems like frequently we just don’t understand that, deep down, a quick fix is just that: a quick fix.
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Sick again

The majority of remedies or medicines that promise to cure your flu by tomorrow, or make your cough disappear instantly, or that within a week you’ll see the results.  What these products really do is act directly on the symptom, or rather, turn off the discomfort, put it to sleep, or anesthetize it for a while.  Then we feel better, and quickly after taking them we already have more energy and continue on with our daily lives.  They seemed effective until shortly after we get sick again, we remember something that “worked” last time, and we take it again, perhaps a little stronger as it’s quite possible that you’re even more sick than before and have to “take more”.

Long lasting health has nothing to do with medicine.  Long lasting health has everything to do with a lasting remedy, an equilibrium between all aspects of the human being.  Generally, illnesses mean that the body needs important attention, that the body is weak, toxic, that something is not responding harmoniously or naturally.  Taking a quick fix doesn’t do anything for us if we keep our same attitude and don’t eradicate that which caused the imbalance.  Silencing the body with quick fixes will only cause numerous imbalances over time, and by quieting our symptoms (without paying attention to our body language which wants us to notice an attitude that’s hurting us) we cause even more acute and chronic illnesses, and frequently such deterioration requires a drastic change an entire change to our way of life if we wish to regain health.

Going back to square one and taking note of what sickness really is forces us to think about not only our current well-being, but also our habits, our faults, and ours ways of acting and feeling.  How can something expect permanent health if they don’t change what’s causing the problem? Regardless of what someone has done to or accumulated in the body, if one really is aware, and has the intention to participate in his or her sickness, they will find new alternatives.  It’s good enough just changing what the body reacted to poorly before and to substitute health promoting habits that eliminate the need to try to be better, because harmony is the body’s natural state of being.  Always remember, as Dr. Jensen says, health is won and known.

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