Toxins can accumulate in the body by:

  • Metabolism imbalance
  • Inefficient elimination of residual food

applesWhen this happens, the body has to store and fight against what digestion has left behind.  It’s difficult, and at times impossible, for the body to remove these byproducts, causing elevated levels of waste in the body and generating what is known as toxemia.

This is one of the primary causes that predisposes people for illness.  It’s common sense that if no one cleans up, any area quickly fills with trash.  Beyond leading to being overweight, this can have severe consequences throughout the entire body.   The situation is made even worse if these byproducts become acidic, as the body then begins to retain water to neutralize this effect.   The causes the body to become pudgy – heavy yet poorly nourished.

Toxemia is responsible for congestion, germ incubation, inflammation, all kinds of aches and pains (especially headaches and stomachaches), weak and brittle skin and hair, lack of motivation, insomnia, stress, etc.

This is why it is so important to dedicate at least one or two days a month to deeply cleanse and purify the body.  Within one day between 350 and 800 billion cells are replaced and regenerated.  The old cells that can’t be replaced or regenerated for whatever reason become toxic and poisonous within the body.  The intestines, bladder, skin, lungs, eyes, urinary tract, and each organ involved in elimination must always function efficiently in order to eliminate new byproducts.  This is why it’s necessary to eat with love for yourself every day, rather than simply to satisfy your taste buds and stomach.  Take into account each and every food that truly benefits you, rather than destroying this beautiful body that you move around in.

It’s highly recommended to spend an entire day or two drinking fresh water and fruit (preferably apples or grapes), as frequently as you like throughout the day.  Be sure to consume only water and fruit, and nothing else.  Allowing the body cleanse and rejuvenate itself from the inside with this diet is a wonderful secret, not only for health, but for beauty as well.


Understand that the body has to accommodate to us, and not the other way around.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to what your body feels, but rather try to provide it with that you think will make it feel better.  It takes a great deal of strength and discipline to educate a spoiled and demanding child, but our love should always be strong enough to set the limits.

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