Hair loss: Causes and Natural Remedies for alopecia

Premature, or pathological hair loss, in one or several areas of the body, can affect both men and women.  This can be due to several different causes that create unhealthy hair, scalp, or hair follicles.  The term “alopecia” (its medical term) comes from Greek, and means “fox”, referencing the fact that this animals looses its hair twice a year.
Hair loss: Causes and Natural Remedies

There are several types of alopecia (hair loss)

1. Non-scarring alopecia: in this case, the hair follicle behaves pathologically but does not die, unless this continues for a long period of time.  This is one of the most common types of alopecia, and can be cured through natural remedies.  In some cases, this condition even spontaneously reverts, with no treatment needed.

2. Androgenetic alopecia: androgens are the hormones responsible for hair loss in this case.  This is a type of premature baldness that affects mostly men.  If this type of baldness is detected in time, it can be cured with various types of treatments. Although it can only be fixed through surgical intervention (micro-capillary transplant, which consists of transplanting life follicles from other areas other the body, to the crown and the hairline) if it is advanced, or the hair follicle has died.  You could also wear a wig, or just accept your baldness.  Women rarely suffer from this type of alopecia.

3. Alopecia areata: characterized by sudden hair loss in specific areas.  Area grows back after a few months.

4. Toxic alopecia: generally presents after an elevated fever or serious illness (like cancer, chemotherapy sessions, after having taken large doses of medication)  This baldness in temporary.

Other causes of alopecia

(some are temporary, depending on the case)

  • Aging
  • Hormonal changes
  • Burns
  • Trauma
  • Poor circulation in the scalp
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Dandruff or fungus in the scalp
  • Excessive or continuous stress.

To treat alopecia, you definitely need to consider several factors, such as the age of the patient, general state of health, the type of alopecia, how advanced it is, and what the patient thinks about it.  When the hair follicle has already died, it is no longer possible to do anything else other than transplanting hair follicles, as mentioned earlier.  But if the alopecia suffered is temporary, there are several ways to help hair grow back strong and healthy.

If the illness is due to any of alopecia’s causes, you must try to keep the body as healthy as possible.  This can only be done with a proper diet, good exercise, and healthy habits.

Natural remedies and preventive measures against alopecia

  • A good diet is absolutely necessary for good health.  This consists basically of trying to eat the freshest foods possible, and at least 6 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.  Drink fresh water and eat nuts and unrefined grains.
  • Garlic, onion, and lemon are powerful antibiotics, which can help keep the body healthy and resistant to all sorts of infections.  Garlic and lemon work extremely well before breakfast.
  • Massage capillary lotions into the scalp to help promote good nutrient circulation in the head, and to keep the scalp and hair follicles well conditioned.  If you have completely lost your hair temporarily, this will help to grow back strong and healthy hair. Capillary lotions made with aloe vera gel, sage, rosemary, thyme, garlic, tepezcohuite, basil, laurel, chile, honey, nettle, etc., and good capillary tonics that will make your hair grown back healthy.
  •  Take a look at your emotional states throughout the day: your emotional state is reflected throughout your entire body.  Your tensions and worries can make your scalp tense, that ends up asphyxiating the follicle, eventually killing it.  If you frequently feel tense, worries, anxious, or helpless, try taking a class to help you focus your emotional energy: yoga, tai-chi, reiki, and reflexology are all excellent alternatives.  Even massage can bring you the wonders of relaxing emotions.
  • Avoid junk food and white sugar, along with its derivatives.  There is no doubt at all that this latter product is the cause of a long list of conditions and illnesses of all kinds.  White sugar alters the nervous system and the body’s hormonal balance, among other things.  It also robs the body of minerals, and sucks its vital strength.  Lean towards using honey to sweeten, or raw sugar, or some sort of molasses.

Home remedy: fighting and preventing temporary alopecia


– 2 spoonfuls of horsetail

– 7 spoonfuls of rosemary

– 7 spoonfuls of nettle

– 3 spoonfuls of sage

Boil all herbs on low heat.  Once brought to a boil, cover and remove from heat.  Let sit for 10 minutes, and strain.  Wash your hair with rosemary or tepezcohuite shampoo, and then rinse with this water, giving yourself a gentle massage for 5 minutes.  Towel dry.

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