Home Remedies against Dandruff

Having those white flakes in your hair or on your clothes is not pleasant at all.  All it does is ruin your image and outfit.  Dandruff, which is what this greasy scalp product is called, could also cause itching, sores, and an unhygienic appearance.

aloe veraThere are several things that cause dandruff, which could consist of emotional tension, washing your hair with water of extreme temperatures, general exhaustion, improper consumption of carbohydrates or sugar, and exposure to cold. 

And yet, there are several home remedies that could help you fight it.  So take note!

Spices and condiments


Of all the spices, there is a remedy you could use based on thyme.  All you need to do is prepare a rinse with three tablespoons of dry thyme in one cup of water, which should boil for 10 minutes.  Pour the mixture on clean hair and do not rinse.  Apply this concoction every time you wash your hair.

Nettle and Parsley

One similar recipe is based on nettle.  Add two tablespoons of nettle and 2 tablespoons of thyme to one cup of boiling water.  Add this new mixture to your rinse water when you wash your hair.

You could also pour two tablespoons of parsley in a bowl that contains one liter of boiling water.  Cover and let cool.  Strain.  Gently apply by making circular massages on your scalp.  Do this after shampooing.


Likewise, you could boil one tablespoon of mint in one cup of water for 3 minutes.  Remove from heat, cover, and let cool.  Add three tablespoons of vinegar and apply to your scalp.


You could also try salt; pout two tablespoons of salt in one cup of water.  Apply to your scalp and leave on your head for 10 minutes.  Wash afterwards with plenty of water and a bit of shampoo.

Horse Tail

Lastly, another option is to boil one teaspoon of horsetail, one teaspoon of rosemary, and one teaspoon of boldo for 5 minutes.  After that time remove from heat and let cool.  Drink the infusion every 20 days.


Celery and Beets

Other vegetable-based home remedies could consist of celery and beets.  To make an anti-dandruff tonic with celery, boil one liter of water and once it’s boiling, add a few celery stalks and leaves.  Continue boiling for five minutes, let set and apply to your scalp.

To use beets, just use the roots.  Boil water and the roots and let cool.  Apply to your scalp, massaging with your fingertips every night.


Lemon and avocado

There are also anti-dandruff tonics that use lemon and avocado.  First you need to squeeze the juice from one fresh lemon, which will be applied after shampooing.  This will make your hair extremely shiny.  To use avocado, remove the meat of the fruit and massage it into your scalp.  Wash afterwards with plenty of water and shampoo.  Repeat this remedy twice a week.

Aloe Vera

The most effective base consists of aloe vera, which, thanks to its analgesic properties, eliminates itching.  This will help control the spread of this hair disease.  You can use it in two ways:

Take an aloe stalk, remove the spines and split it in half lengthwise.  Apply directly to your scalp, rubbing it in so the gel inside sinks in.

You could also blend a piece of the aloe, without spines, and apply the juice as if it were a lotion at least twice a day.  You can make it in the morning and save what you don’t use in the fridge, well sealed.


Mix one tablespoon of honey with one egg.  Apply to your head and give yourself a gentle, circular massage.  Wash afterwards with shampoo.

Other recommendations

Massage your scalp daily using your fingertips, before and after brushing your hair.  Don’t forget to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.  Likewise, avoid tea, coffee, refined foods, and canned or processed foods.

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