Beauty and Symmetry

Scientists say that the more symmetrical you are, the greater your capacity to influence and retain power is.  We can prove this theory when we look at beauties like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, or Brad Pitt, who have both a charisma that makes them special, and transmit a seductive and attractive message.  This is because  their physical characteristics are symmetrical.

Beauty and SymmetryThe topic of beauty has inspired many people.  Some have lost sleep over it, while for others, it has been reason for deep studies: What makes someone beautiful?  What makes a human, or a plant, or a song, or anything else beautiful?  Does this have anything to do with symmetry?

The word symmetry has to do with a connection in the body to a center point, an axis or plane, which possess order among their organs or equal parts.  Or, in other words, beauty is the precise relationship in the consistent positioning of the parts or points on a body or figure.

Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece it was said that symmetry in facial features was a sign of beauty.  This is seen in their sculptures inspired by the human body.  However, recent studies show that bodily symmetry also seems to attract bystanders more than a body with specific differences.

According to tests ran by specialists, bystanders prefer women with a small waist, and voluptuous breasts and hips, with long legs.  Female bystanders, on the other hand, prefer tall men with wide backs, and a general look of strength and confidence.  This could seem like a male or female prototype, but these characteristics are also related to fertility.

According to British researchers, bodily symmetry is directly related to human sexual attraction.  Through thousands of years of evolution, these physical traits have been fixated by means of natural selection.  This “won” symmetry is interpreted as good health.

Research about Beauty and Symmetry

An interesting study was done by English researchers to prove just how sensitive humans can be to symmetry, and how physically attracted they are to it.  The experiment was carried out by a scanner (like those used in medicine or fashion stores), that they used to design 77 adult, model humans.  They measured each one symmetrically, giving them different levels of symmetry.  They then asked a group of 87 volunteers to report the level of attraction they felt for the models.  They asked them to base this solely on physical appearances.  The symmetrical differences were practically imperceptible to the naked eye.  A large amount of the volunteers, however, preferred the symmetrical bodies.

The scientific point of view sustains that it is difficult to note symmetry by the naked eye, however, there seems to be something within us that is sensitive enough to perceive symmetry, or to feel attracted to it.  In this way we find and experience beauty, liking, and preference not only for beautiful bodies, but for music, painting, sculpture, etc.

Personally, I feel that thought is the seed of beauty.  Thoughts can be symmetrical or not, depending on the thinker.  And even though thoughts cannot be strictly measured, they can flavor, inspire, and cause deep attraction.  They can also seduce, harmonize life, soften the heart, invent a universe, and if that weren’t enough, they can flow beyond all physical forms in this world.

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