Your Body and Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty component present and essential in each cell of the body and blood stream; it is vital to the vast majority of bodily functions.  Cholesterol got its bad reputation because it can become extremely dangerous and risky when levels become too high.Body and Cholesterol

Effects of high cholesterol in the body

An increase in cholesterol in the body begins creating fat deposits in the arteries which produces – among other things – what is known as a hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis).  These fat deposits in the arteries obstruct normal blood flow and vital circulation to all organs and cells in the body.

Without monitoring, these deposits spread, blocking more and more circulation and straining the heart, which then has the pump stronger in order to circulate the blood.  When high cholesterol levels are not monitored, you may even run the risk of heart attack.

Emotional factors in a raise in cholesterol

A raise in cholesterol can be attributed to several factors.  Beyond nutrition, we find that emotional difficulties such as constant anger, anxiety, nervousness, and prolonged stress (which provoke intense releases of bile) are among some factors that influence cholesterol imbalance.

Diet advice to maintain low cholesterol levels

As far as diet goes, we have simple advice to prevent – or help you if you already have – high cholesterol.  You must keep in mind that animal products and derivatives, such as milk, meat, eggs, butter, etc., are products which contain high levels of saturated fats.  Reduce consumption little by little, and if possible eliminate completely lunch meats and milk, along with fried foods and hydrogenated cooking oils.

On the other hand, consume foods that contain vegetable fats.  Remember that fats are necessary for the body and you should not remove them from your diet.  Rather, consume beneficial fats that are not harmful, such as those from seeds (almonds, nuts, etc.), avocado, non-processed oils and butter, cold pressed olive oil, etc.  Also, try to do 20 minutes a day of low impact aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, dancing, biking, etc.

And, in closing, if you do suffer from high cholesterol, it would be beneficial for you to take a class or two of yoga, Tai Chi, or some other class that allows you to relax and connect with the causes of your stress, anxiety, and fear.  Remember: “To feed your three bodies, is to be conscious of who you are”.

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