Cold hands and feet

Under certain conditions, the circulation which provides blood to the fingers, hands, and feet can move away from your extremities, causing our hands and feet to become cold, and sometimes numb.  This is due to weak circulation, as said before, but can also be attributed to cold climates and a low-calorie diet.  In extreme cases, cold hands and feet can be due to serious illnesses.  However, when the weather is moderately warm, when we eat well and stay healthy, and our hands and feet still have the tendency to go cold, this small, practically harmless symptom, can be a small cry for attention that our body wants to tell us something.
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Conflict regarding cold hands and feet

The hands and feet are our final antennas, they’re our bridge between everything that we are and the outside world.  They’re the first thing we move when we need or want to go somewhere, the first things to make contact, and the first things to move back.  If we get cold hands or feet with not apparent cause, we say we’re stepping back from the world; there’s a conflict between reaching out to touch, caress, grab, or take something.  There’s a conflict between moving forward, and going towards what we want, and these wants and desires of our hands are being held back by something.  If we feel like reaching our hands out for something, but we don’t do it, the body translates this into “stop circulation”, and then our hands and feet grow cold.

These small conflicts to reach the hands and feet out generally have something to do with fear of failure, rejection, and distrust that we feel.  It could be that we’re conditioned to ideas such as “look but don’t touch”, “that’s not for you”, or “you don’t deserve that”, etc.  If at any time you notice that your hands or feet are cold for no reason, observe what’s going on inside you, detect what belief is interfering with your feelings and your actions.  If you have some feeling of unworthiness, simply recognizing it is enough.  Don’t stop your feet from knowing adventure in life, that they don’t stop you from going where you want to.  And don’t let your hands move backwards when it comes to exploring life.

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