Proper care for Cute Feet

Having cute feet is great. The feet, in spite of hard work, are a sensitive and delicate part of the body that require certain care in order to be beautiful and healthy.  Our feet are not always thankful for the tireless work they are subjected to.  The majority of the day our feet are shut up in a tight shoe, sometimes not even comfortable for the foot, which they frequently respond to with callouses, bunions, ingrown nails, etc.  The moisture they are constantly exposed to frequently creates fungi, bad odors, thick skin, etc.Proper care for Cute FeetHere we will share with you some tips so that your feet not only shine beautifully in the open air, but so they also stay forever healthy.


The most important thing is to try to use comfortable and suitable footwear for your daily life.  If you are going to walk a lot, or you are very active, it’s best to use a flexible and open shoe.  A lot of times women prefer to wear high heels because they look so good, but don’t go overboard with them.  High heels are bad for the spine.  If you want to make your figure shine tall and slender, you can opt for heels that aren’t quite as high.  When you go to the beach or the pool, don’t forget to use special shoes to avoid infections.


You must wash your feet daily, and most of all, be especially careful when washing the toes.  It is important to let your feet dry very well before putting on shoes, because if the foot is humid and then closed up in a show, the trapped moisture can create odor and fungi.


It is highly recommendable to exfoliate your feet with an exfoliating cream or a little bit of sand.  You can do this while bathing or in a special warm water bath with herbs such as mint or lavender.  Let your feet rest for an hour in the bath, and then begin to exfoliate.  If you don’t have exfoliating cream, you may use a little bit of sand.  Gently rub your feet so as to remove dead skin cells.  When finishing, apply a hydrating cream, especially to the hard spots of the ankle and ball of the foot.

Massage for Cute Feet

A foot massage if very effective in stimulating circulation.  You can ask someone else to do it, or you can squeeze your own feet with your hands.  Walking barefoot over sand is also a great way to massage.  If you want to try a delicious way to relax your feet, place a lemon on the ground and put your foot over it.  Move your foot in different directions, applying pressure.


Walk, dance, walk on your heels and then on the balls of your feel, etc.  Move your feet so that the joints are always flexible and healthy. 

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