Coconut’s Properties and Culinary uses

Coconut is a very nutritious fruit consumed primarily in tropical places, near beaches mostly.  This fruit grows on coconut trees, a member of the palmaceae family.  It is of the species Cocos nucifera, which is found abundantly in hot and humid climates around the world.  Coconut trees trunks are 45 cm in diameter, and can reach up to 35 meters tall.  The top of the tree is decorated with packed leaf plumes, which grow bunches of approximately 10 to 25 coconuts each one.

Coconut's Properties and Culinary usesCoconut is a round fruit, with a rough, fibrous, hard shell, earthen color.  It is 30 cm long and the insides are covered with a white pulp.  It has an oily texture, which is used to obtain copra.  Soaps and candles are then made from it, through a very useful process.

And just like oysters, we can find the greatest treasure inside the coconut.  This is a whitish liquid, a nutritious elixir, highly valued by people who suffer from bone diseases.  Coconut is a great help in strengthening bones.

Coconut’s properties

  • Very rich in calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium
  • Hydrating
  • Provides minerals
  • Helps with constipation
  • Helps cleanse the intestines
  • Rich in saturated fats.  Take caution with this, however, not to consume too much, especially if you suffer from cardiovascular problems, or already have high cholesterol.


Ways to consume coconut

The pulp can be prepared several different ways, either alone or with a bit of lemon and salt.  You can make several dishes out of it, mainly cakes.  While cooking, you can make coconut dressings, cakes (like coconut sweets), baked goods, cookies, bread, empanadas, and several other sweets.

Cosmetic uses

Coconut oil is great for hydrating the smoothing out the skin.  You can apply a bit of coconut oil to your body to give yourself a massage, or in a hot bath, so as to absorb the natural oils.  


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