Coconut water: Nutritive and Medicinal properties

Coconut is an edible fruit that grows on the coconut tree, the most highly cultivated palm tree in the world.  It has a hard and rough shell that covers white pulp full of fiber and nutritive elements.  Inside the coconut you will find a liquid known as coconut water.  This is a refreshing liquid with a pleasant taste that contains a lot of nutritive and medicinal properties.  You should keep these in mind because it has a lot of the same compounds as those in mother’s milk.  In Hawaii, the mothers that cannot breastfeed their children, feed them with coconut water rather than animal milk.  They have done this for hundreds of years.
Coconut water: Nutritive and Medicinal properties

Coconut water properties for health and beauty

Properties of coconut water and applications in health and beauty:

  • Contains a large amount of mineral salts like copper, zinc, iron, folic acid, and phosphorus.  Potassium makes up more than half the concentration of coconut water.
  • Rich in vitamin E and B group vitamins.
  • Rich in fiber, so it stimulates good intestinal functioning.  It removes blockages and fermented substances in the intestines which cause severe health problems.
  • Recommended for people who suffer from colitis, gastric ulcers, stomach weakness and constipation.  It fights anemia, nervous exhaustion, and weight loss.
  • Because it is rich in potassium,one of the numerous minerals it contains, it is very good for the body.  Potassium is the best electrolyte regulator for the body, provoking better toxin elimination via natural routes.
  • Its water contains a lot of calories.
  • Contains a large amount of vitamin A which is necessary for the skin, sight functions, and is indispensable during the growth period.
  • Good for strengthening and nourishing the bones, nails, and teeth.  It is recommendable for children who are growing and breastfeeding and pregnant women. It helps with arthritis and osteoporosis, and is a useful nutritional supplement for menopause and andropause.
  • Provides the body with minerals, which is why it is highly recommended for athletes, and for consuming in very hot areas.
  • Helps eliminate excess alcohol from the body.
  • Increases platelets and strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps fight obesity, low-fat, 99% fat free.
  • Rich in magnesium which is indispensable for good intestinal functioning, for the nervous system and optimum muscle functioning.
  • Nourishes the immune system and makes it once again resistant.
  • Helps fight malnutrition and is excellent at hydrating during hot times.  It is an excellent natural blood serum.
  • It is an excellent laxative, cleanses and purified the intestines and blood.
  • Due to its rich natural sugars content it promotes semen production, provides energy, and improves intellectual and physical performance.
  • Cleanses the urinary tract and acts as a lubricant for all body systems.
  • Helps regulate body fluid levels which supports proper blood pressure, supporting good blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Stimulates kidney and liver functions.

Local and external application of coconut water:

  • Applying directly to the skin is good at helping eliminate eczema.
  • Using the water as a hair rinse prevents and could help fight dandruff.
  • Applying this water to the skin prevents wrinkles, fights dry skin, and gives the skin a smooth and soft feel.
  • If you have a lot of marks on your face, apply coconut water at night after washing your face.  Do not rinse.  Coconut water helps remove stains.
  • This vegetable oil has the highest index of saturated fatty acids, and its dried and grated meat works to create cosmetic products like soaps and cosmetics.

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