Delicious therapy: bathing with blue Mineral Water

Mineral water, when compared to all other waters, contains the highest number of minerals and energy.  Of course, all water contains to some degree minerals and dissolved salts.  By referring to water as “mineral water”, it is said to come directly from a natural spring and contains certain salts which give it particular properties.Bathing with mineral water

The chemical elements contained in these waters are atoms equipped with pranic (or universal) energy.  This energy provokes an intensely positive influence in the human organism.

Along with mineral water we can also add the beneficial and therapeutic ocean water.  I call this “blue mineral water”, referring to the beautiful color of the ocean.  This water has been considered for a long time to be – in every way – the richest of mineral waters.  Swimming or bathing in ocean water is one of the most highly recommended healing baths for the majority of pains, including disorders or imbalances of the nervous system.  Ocean mineral water creates considerably positive effects on health; by submerging yourself for a short time, the skin is encouraged to absorb through each pore the chemical and pranic richness of numerous substances diluted and revitalized by constant movement and solar energy.

The power of Mineral Water

This powerful mineral water not only revitalizes your skin, muscles, and spirit, but is also an ideal disinfectant for all types of wounds and infections; it’s an excellent and free Spa, bringing you even more beauty.  Take advantage of this when you go to the ocean and massage your scalp with your fingertips (as if you were washing your hair), and if you find a piece of seaweed be sure to gently massage your skin.  Don’t forget your feet, which would greatly enjoy a seaweed or sand massage while bathing them in ocean water.  It’s also beneficial to dunk your head in the water and open your eyes for a few seconds.  Your eyes may burn a little, but don’t worry, this is a purifying and disinfecting bath.  Be sure to remember that ocean water contains a lot of salt, which is why you should never keep your eyes open for too long under water as this could dry out the mucous membranes.

Ocean water makes an excellent and nutritious bath not only for the body, but also revitalizes and animates the spirit.  It’s always appropriate to highlight the importance of balance, however, as even though light, electricity, magnetism, and ocean water can truly be beneficial to health, they become harmful when the healthy limits are surpassed.

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