12 Tips for Rejuvenating through Dance (Intuitive Dance to cure the heart)

If food and a good attitude work wonders on beauty and health, dance is another secret ingredients that make a lot of people healthy and beautiful.  Dancing not only helps release bodily tension, but dancing intuitively and letting yourself be carried away by the music can release repressed emotions, creating a serious of happiness hormones.  These hormones are without a doubt, a key for rejuvenating and healing the body, especially the heart, from disappointment and deception.  Dance Therapy is comprised of all of these elements.

Tips for Rejuvenating through DanceThe trance state you can reach while dancing intuitively creates endorphins, which rejuvenate cells and keep them full of energy and life.  This type of dance also releases repressed emotions, allowing your energy to become stable once again and to flow more fluidly from your heart to the rest of the body.

If you want to rejuvenate or heal your heart from some sort of loss or pain, put on some music and lock yourself away where no one can see you.  The most important part about intuitive dance is that you move freely and you let yourself move in ways you normally wouldn’t.  Follow these tips:

Advice and Tips for rejuvenating through dance

1. Find a spot where you can be alone, either in your room, or wait until no one is at home.

2. Find music that you like but that also has strange rhythms, with drums or psychedelic feeling.  Find something that inspires you to dance in a strange or uncommon fashion.  This is important for releasing repressed energy in your body.

3. Before dancing, put on comfortable clothes, without belts or uncomfortable items.  Dance barefoot preferably, on a rug or wooden floor.  You need to feel very comfortable.  Pull your hair back so it doesn’t get in your way (at first).

4. Move all items or furniture out of the way so you don’t hurt or hit yourself.  It’s best to do this dance with your eyes closed so you can forget everything for a while and just be.  Move however you like.  If you feel that it is too dangerous to move your furniture, just turn out the lights and light a small candle.  Don’t cover your eyes.

5. Turn off the phone, your cell, and your doorbell.  Take this time for yourself and don’t let anyone else distract you from this moment.

6. First put on music that you know so that you can feel comfortable, then try to move.  Stretch your body however possible and move with the rhythm.  Try not to think, just follow the music.

7. Once you have danced to music that you know, put something new on, so long as it has a rhythm.  Find options on the internet, you can play electronic music, rock, drums, etc.  The point is that your body should try to adapt to new rhythms because this creates a new sensation in your brain which stimulates your rejuvenating hormones.

8. If you can, covering your eyes with a blindfold is the best option.  But if not, a small light will do.  Let your body more in new movements, try to connect with the music and let your body move with the music.  Turn it up until you feel like the music completely surrounds you and you can’t hear anything else.

9. While dancing, feel any of your emotions and allow it to flow.  Sometimes with this type of dance, you can burst into tears, anger, or even fear.  Try not to stop dancing, it is better to express the emotion with a movement, or to let the tears or a specific work come to the surface to expression.

10. If you feel like the emotion is too strong, don’t hold onto it, give into it.  Watch it without judging because if you judge, the emotion will not flow.

11. Try to dance until you are exhausted.  Then play peaceful music and try to pay attention to your body.  Look at your emotions and try to concentrate on your breathing.

12. This is the perfect moment to tell yourself that you love yourself as you are.  You feel content being who you are, and that you love your body and life as they are.  Visualize your body as young and strong, and wrap yourself in whatever color of light that you most like.  If you repeat this dance every day, you will see your body begin to respond with wonders.

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