Bergamot Essential Oil

What a pleasure to be able to write once again about a topic that I’m truly passionate about… AROMATHERAPY.

Bergamot Essential OilToday I’d like to tell you about using bergamot essential oil to develop new creativity.

How Bergamot essential oil is used

What is it?

First off, allow me to tell you that bergamot essential oil is extracted from a fruit peel.  So you can identify it, it has a light, subtle smell, almost like a mixture between lemon and orange.

It has different properties, like: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, appetite regulator; and today I’m going to tell you…it is also very effective during times when you need to let your imagination and creativity flow.

Bergamot essential oil stimulates the right brain hemisphere.  You might ask what this has to do with creativity…so let’s get to it…

The right brain hemisphere is in charge of creative, holistic and global processes, along with feelings, emotions, musical talents, etc…

That’s why this oil stimulates the area, giving us the power to expand our creative abilities which are always there, but which often times needs a little help to open up.

I’ll let you do a few creative activities with a stove and three drops of bergamot essential oil.  This will help you create, write poetry, songs, or help you find a creative solution for something.

Until next time!

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