Eating Animal Meat: Why is eating it not recommendable?

Do you crave animal meat?  Do you just want a bite?

There’s a certain phrase “it’s not what you eat, but how you eat”.  You can easily enjoy everything that nature provides us, but you do need to have some idea about what it is you’re eating, and the effects it has on the body as far as maintaining its balance goes.  Do you know what all you’re eating when you eat animal meat?
Eating Animal Meat: Why is eating it not recommendable?

Why is it not recommendable to eat animal meat?

  • Animal meat lacks fiber, which is essential for getting rid of it.  This makes it very difficult to digest, and creates a lot of toxic residues in the intestines, which lead to colitis, hemorrhoids, the development of diverticulitis, constipation, etc.
  • Saturated fats in animal meat increase harmful cholesterol levels in the blood, creating health risks to the cardiovascular system, blocked veins, etc.
  • When digestion is slow and difficult, rather than providing the body with energy, they rob it, which is why you may notice feeling tired after eating meat.
  • The intestines are very long, and if meat spends too much time in it, it causes it to ferment and turn into toxins that the blood absorbs.  Eating a lot of meat also causes an accumulation of harmful toxins and fats in the body, which raises blood pH levels (it acidifies it), making this a primary factor in the majority of most diseases.
  • The saliva used to digest meat needs to be acidic.  Carnivores, like the lion, have acidic saliva to destroy meat before it arrives at the stomach.  Human saliva is alkaline, and therefore, when meat arrives at the stomach, it needs to work too hard to digest the meat, wearing down the stomach.
  • Carnivorous animals have very shorts and straight intestines.  They are prepared to quickly get rid of anything that quickly ferments.  Human intestines are long, longer than seven and a half meters.  When foods spends a lot of time in them, they quickly ferment.
  • Animal meat is one of the foods that form the most uric acid, cholesterol, toxins and ammonia with other substances, which is considered to be carcinogenic.
  • The sacrifice of animals, like pigs, chickens, bulls, etc., are sacrificed in a very cruel fashion.  This causes the animal to secrete a lot of adrenaline before dying, and a lot of bile, which are poisons that the blood and body absorb before dying.  This cannot be removed from the animal meat when being consumed.
  • In addition to bile and adrenaline, a lot of animal meat is injected with strong chemical substances so that it doesn’t quickly decompose, and looks fresh and appetizing.  This is all done to fool the consumer.
  • In addition to the bile, adrenaline, and chemicals used to prevent the meat from spoiling, it is also injected with animal hormones, antibiotics, and they even feed the animals sewage waste balls that have been disinfected with cesium.  They are also given tranquilizers and other substances to make them gain weight so they weigh more when sold.

Are you craving just a bite of hamburger?

Well.  If you still crave it after reading this, we recommend the following:

  • Try to find good quality meat, preferably organic, free-range, in which animals are treated with dignity.
  • Whenever eating meat, always accompany it with a good fresh salad to help quick bowel movements.
  • Never drink sodas or sugar waters with meat, because the sugar with make the meat ferment more quickly.
  • Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice squeezed in it before eating your meat.
  • Try to chew it as much as you can.
  • Avoid eating meat more than once a week.
  • Drink at least two liters of fresh water a day to help quickly pass it.
  • Eat meat without frying it.  Eating it raw is preferable to eating it cooked, and you should also prepare it with lemon.

NOTE: avoid red meat if you are sick with anything.  This will prevent your blood from filling with toxins and your healing will be quicker and more complete, especially if you have problems with obesity, cholesterol, heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, gastritis or stomach problems, etc.  You don’t need meat in your diet.  You can pass over it by choosing quality vegetables, oily products, amaranth, almonds, walnuts and other vegetable proteins.

Currently there are a lot of healthy animal meat substitutes; soy meat, wheat and oatmeal, etc.  You can use these ingredients to make meatballs, breaded patties, hamburgers, ceviche, etc.

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