Aromatherapy: Several benefits for Integral Health

Aromatherapy is considered to be a gentle methodology, delicate and natural, capable of balancing certain emotional, physical and spiritual states.

AromatherapyThese different plant parts are used to make oil extractions, which offer not only a rich a fresh aroma, but they can also be used for certain condition, some of which could be:

TEA TREE essential oil: for foot fungus, viruses and bacteria.

LAVENDER essential oil: useful on sunburns, as an antiviral and anti-stress.

MINT essential oil: used to clear the mind, refreshing and antiseptic.

ORANGE essential oil: used for cellulite, obesity, nervous tension.

MARJORAM essential oil: perfect for gas and toxin elimination.

CHAMOMILE essential oil: perfect for relaxing, it has sedative properties and cleanses skin.

(NOTE: essential oils should not be placed directly on skin, unless otherwise indicated by an aromatherapist.  Do not consume them.  Consult a professional if you have any doubts.)

Treatment with Orange essential oil for eliminating accumulated fluids and fat

Today I’m going to give you a recipe that you can make at home.  Take note: You will need: 5 drops of pure and natural orange essential oil and 15 mL of a carrier oil.  Directions: mix the components mentioned above and massage it over your hips or the so-called “love-handles”.  This area generally stores fluids and adiposities in the body, primarily in women.  Massage in an ascending fashion.

I hope you can use and enjoy this recipe at home.

Until next time!

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