Begin next year Peacefully, and Calm your Nerves naturally

Are you completely lost in finding a bit a peace? Do you want to calm your nerves naturally? Being nervous is a not at all pleasant mood to be in.  It keeps people distracted, anxious, restless, impatient, and creates a lack of concentration, which causes little behaviors to grow and become harmful habits, like nail biting, pulling the hairs off our lips or fingers, smoking, eating, talking excessively, thinking (intellectually, with no pause), etc.

Yin-YangHaving your “nerves worn” is an emotional state that reveals that in some way, we feel unsatisfied, fearful, or are rejecting some aspect of ourselves.  If we never calm down, it is highly likely that these habits will affect our health, little by little, in several ways.  Constant nervous states are the beginning of numerous possible future illnesses, that can break out in several ways.  You could begin to experience small allergic break outs on the skin (rashes, burning, pain, dryness), headaches, tiredness, and depression, among other things.  You could even experience more severe reactions like gastritis, colitis, arthritis, heart porblems, etc.  A lot of these are due to server nervous exhaustion and break downs.

So stop worrying, because everything has a solution.  Here, we’ll talk about 3 pieces of advice, and nothing more.  But they should be sufficient enough for you to begin using the energy that you have been wasting in unnecessary habits, in truly productive, creative, and attractive habits.

 Calm your Nerves naturally

1. Eliminate or reduce your consumption of white sugar: This is the most important, effective, and necessary piece of advice.  It is said that the brain needs sugar to function, but this concept has been very poorly understood.  Yes, the brain does need sugar to function, but not white sugar!  Sugar is the most harmful thing around for your nerves (and for the body, in general).  What happens is you feel good when you’re eating sugar, because while the body is absorbing it, there’s a huge spike in energy (similar to drugs).  But once this passes, everything goes out of balance because white sugar doesn’t contain any nutritional value once it is refined.   It literally is turned into a poison through processing.  This is why the nervous system is the most affected of all.  White sugar has been proven to be the beginning of numerous mental illnesses.  And worst of all, white sugar is addictive, so if you are very used to sweet things, it will be difficult for you to overcome your urges.  But if you truly want to, you need to make an effort to stop drinking sodas, and eating cookies, cakes, sweets, and canned foods that contain sugar (nearly every packaged  food contains it).  The brain can be vigorously and healthfully nourished by the best types of glucose (sugar found in fruits), or honey.

2. Exercise: There is nothing more pleasing than exercise to relax and release your tension.  So pick up an activity this year, like yoga, Tai Chi, swimming, etc.  This should be an activity that you truly enjoy; this is important because by doing this activity, this will not only cause your energy to flow lively throughout your body, but your attention will be focused on something pleasant, which is the beginning of mental creativity.

3. Provide your body and mind with minerals: A body with sufficient minerals will have a healthy and strong nervous system.  Celery, parsley, apples, lettuce, beets, carrots, grapes, potatoes, dates, sesame, sunflower seeds, and walnut oil are fantastic foods for the nervous system.  Try making juices our of these fruits and vegetables when they are raw.  Or you could even make soups, but try not to over-cook the vegetables so they retain their nutritional properties.  And lastly, nourish your mind with readings that bring a deeper understanding about yourself, and that make you feel more confidence and secure.

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