Relaxation techniques for Deep Sleep

The mind is very powerful, and with it, we can create create all types of moments if we know proper techniques to control it.  There are several ways to relax naturally, without having to turn to pills, syrups, or to even need to have the TV lull us to sleep.  This habit is harmful not only because it fills our mind with powerful images just before sleep, but because it doesn’t allow us to sink into the tranquility necessary to truly take advantage of our rest as much as possible.
Woman Meditating: Relaxation technique for Deep Sleep

Take advantage of your rest time

Taking advantage of our sleeping hours to recharge our mind with positive thoughts can help us achieve a truly deep and refreshing rest, and helps the body to recover from stress, excessive tiredness, pain, worries, and whatever else.  This meditation can even help you heal the body, if performed consistently.  

So don’t wait any longer.  Try this meditation until it begins to affect your life; you will not regret it.  Remember, the mind needs to get used to new routines, so if you don’t get it right instantly because you’re used to falling asleep in front of the TV, or taking pills, you should keep trying day after day until your body responds to the message you’re sending it.

So!  Let’s get to work, because it’s worth it to train your mind towards what you want.  The meditation is as follows:

1. Try not to eat a big dinner before bedtime.  If you eat a lot, your body will be distracted and active in digestion, and you won’t be able to sleep well even though you may fall asleep quickly.  It’s best to drink an orange blossom tea, or eat an apple just before bed.

2. If possible, ask someone to give you a head massage before going to bed.  Have them use their fingertips to softly press your scalp, moving from your forehead to the nape of your neck.

3. If you live in a noisy area, put some relaxing music on before going to bed.  This allows your mind to follow to rhythm of the music, and keeps it from getting distracted by noises.

4. Before laying down for bed, sit in a chair, or on the edge of the bed, with an erect spine, and breathe deeply and very slowly, three times.  Each time you exhale, imagine that the tension leaves your body.  Every time you inhale, imagine a soft, blue light entering your body, that reaches your forehead, in between your eyebrows.

5. Begin by tensing your toes.  Just this part; tense them as much as you can.  Count to five and then relax.  Take 5 more counts before continuing.

6. Then, continue with your whole foot.  Tense your foot as much as your can, counting to five.  Then relax.

7. Continue with your shins, your thighs, your glutes, abdomen, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, and head, always counting to five, then relaxing.  So you don’t get confused, just remember to do them in ascending order, covering all areas of the body.

8. Now: it is very important that you imagine all the tension leaving that area of your body, as you exhale.  If you still feel tense, repeat the process.  When you tense your muscle, it is important that you focus on that part of your body with a brilliantly green light on it.  Visualize the light staying on that area of the body.

Do this meditation every night.  If you get tired before finishing, then go to sleep.  But keep doing it every night.  If you do this frequently, you’ll notice how your mind gets used to it, and you will wake up every day full of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm.

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