Arthritis and Osteoarthritis: Treatment with Cold Pressed Oils

Joints are the area where bones connect, and when joints become inflamed this creates what is known as arthritis.  There are more than 100 ways in which arthritis can express itself.  It is very important that you treat arthritis in time.  If not, the cartilage, which protects the joints for soft movement, absorbing impact and contusions, or pressure while walking, becomes worn and degraded.  If your cartilage starts to weaken or fail, the bones will start to rub each other.  This will cause a series of symptoms, like swelling, pain, redness, and stiff joints.

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis: Treatment with Cold Pressed OilsIf your joints become inflamed and hurt, several causes could be at fault, like a bone fracture, virus or bacterial infection, an autoimmune disease (the body erroneously attacks healthy tissue), or worn out joints.

Primary Cause of Arthritis

One of the deepest causes of arthritis is related to severe nutritional deficiencies, combined with stress.  If the body does not absorb or have the appropriate nutrients, it will start to wear down.

Treatment with Enzymatic Oils to Repair Tissues

Generally, arthritis symptoms, like pain, disappear the moment the cause disappears.  But when this doesn’t happen, you have chronic arthritis.  In order to help the body recover its balance, regardless of the cause or the arthritis, the body will need to remove the waste and toxins that are circulating through the blood, and which are lodged in the intestines.

Cold pressed, or extra-virgin oils are not heated, and therefore preserve their nutritive, healing, and enzymatic properties.  These oils retain vitamins A, D and E, which combined with enzyme strength, help complete body repair.

These oils provide the following qualities:

  • They contain a very effective healing strength.  They have the same enzymatic strength that raw foods do, helping the body to create a very effective healing environment to heal the joints, reduce inflammation, and drain toxic waste from the body.
  • They help correct metabolic disorders and disturbances to the system affected by arthritis.  The enzymes in virgin oils help the arthritic individual’s body to re-organize, restoring vitality to vital organs.
  • Improve the body’s digestive ability to better absorb nutrients consumed in foods, which take part in tissue and new cell regeneration.
  • Stabilize the metabolism.
  • Help promote tissue healing, especially collagen (cement-like substance in the body, pertaining to bones and marrow), to help joint rigidity dissipate, leading to natural healing.

Which Enzymatic Oils are Recommended to Cure Arthritis?

Oil from walnuts, olives, avocados, beans, sunflower and sesame seeds, etc., are rich in vitamins and enzymes.  Bur remember, they must be unrefined, extracted or cold-pressed, or extra-virgin.  This means that the oil hasn’t been heated, which preserves nutrients.


You should include cold-pressed oils in your diet in different ways.  If you combine extra-virgin oils with raw vegetables, you will undoubtedly notice a quick, even surprising recovery.  We recommend you start taking two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil a day, then drink a glass of warm water with the juice from half a lemon.  This will help cleanse the body and will begin tissue and cartilage repairs.  You should also eat salads throughout the day with avocado or sesame oil, or directly add whichever seed contains the natural oil.  Your diet should be essentially raw, and avoid cow’s milk in any form, refined flour and sugar, and red meat.

Cold-pressed Wheat Germ Oil

It is very important that you include this oil in your diet, which is considered to be one of the more effective remedies for treating arthritis.  You can dress your salads with it, or rub it on your hands or the inflamed area of your body.  Once your rub the oil on your hands or body, wrap the area up with plastic gloves or a towel dipped in warm water.  Let the oil’s properties sink into your skin.  This can help reduce pain and inflammation.

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