Ankle Pain: Causes and Natural Treatments

The ankle is what joins the foot to the leg, and there are a lot of ligaments there that provide mobility to the area.  Ankle pain could be caused by several things, such as:
Ankle Pain: Causes and Natural Treatments


Sprains are injuries to any of the ligaments located in the ankle, which happens when any of these ligaments are stretched too far, either from falling or stumbling, or moving your ankle incorrectly.  Ankle sprains could even break ligaments, which causes swelling and pain.  Ankle sprains are common in athletes.  Symptom intensity depends of severity of the injury.

Natural cure: in this case, ankle rehabilitation is basic and needs to be performed as soon as possible.  To reduce inflammation, we recommend submerging your foot in hot water with salt, and letting it rest there for a while.  Afterwards you should rub the area with a handful of arnica and drink one cup of an arnica infusion. If you want a quick cure, follow a papaya diet, eating solely this fruit for one day, to help reduce inflammation quickly and to repair tissue.  During that day you should drink two liters of fresh water and start the day by drinking a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil.  Drink a glass of carrot juice mid-day with a piece of aloe and a piece of fresh ginger.  Ginger is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory, and the aloe and carrots quickly repair tissue.  If you are consistent and rest, you will experience rapid healing.  Try not to bear a lot of weight on that foot until you are completely healed.

Weak ankles

This happens when you misstep and you can’t support yourself properly, causing a limp.  This is due to fatigued ligaments or insufficient sprain healing, which causes instability in the lateral side of the ankle.  This could also be due to poor shoe choice or excessive stress.

Natural cure: repeat the previous steps, diet and rest, but most of all, try to gently move your ankle every day to recover mobility.  It’s important that you understand that a weak ankle is also due to excessive accumulated stress in the area.  A lot of people that work sitting at a desk tend to tense their feet, slowly wearing down their ankles.  If this is your case, take a look when you’re working at whether your ankles are relaxed.  Try to do stretching exercises like yoga, to release any possible accumulated tension.

Peroneal tendon injuries: these tendons are located behind the external ankle bone, and when injured, they create a chronic or acute injury.

Natural cure: We recommend you follow the steps for injured tendons.

Ankle pain due to arthritis or tendinitis

In this case, the joints in the heel become painful, or the tendons may have become inflamed, causing pain.  We recommend eating an appropriate diet, drinking carrot juice with ginger and aloe every day to restore tissues and reduce inflammation, as well as to release toxins that have accumulated in the joints.  It is very important that you avoid as much as possible, consumption of red meat and birds, as this creates a lot of joint problems.

Ankle pain due to gout: gout is a condition produced by an accumulation of uric acid in the body due to overproduction of said acid, or improper elimination thereof.  If this occurs, the uric acids crystals accumulate in the joints, causing pain and inflammation.  If it accumulates in the ankle, the ankle will become painful and inflamed.

Natural cure: in this case, we recommend you follow a diet based on fresh and steamed vegetables.  Drink two liters of water a day and avoid red meat.  If you are in this boat, we also recommend you lower your stress levels along with your need to control everything, as this is one of the deepest causes of gout.

Ankle pain caused by weak bones: weak bones due to osteoporosis, poor calcium absorption, etc., needs to be cured by diet and phosphorus and calcium supplements , raw vegetables and vegetables in juices or salads, and avoiding stress.  You need to consume citrus juices, almonds, walnuts, broccoli, etc., daily, as well as inulin supplements.  You need to consider the emotional perspective as well, such as a lack of personal values that could be causing this condition.

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