Refined or Hydrogenated Oils and Butter: how they affect health

Every time you read the word hydrogenated on a label, you know it’s the same as refined.  Refining fats, oils and butter is done by introducing a poisonous gas called hydrogen into food, at an extremely high temperature and pressure, while in the presence of a metallic catalyst.

Refined or Hydrogenated Oils and Butter: how they affect healthNatural oils or fat, like those made from peanuts, olives, sunflowers, etc., are not saturated fats.  They become saturate through this method, which makes them harmful to health.

The moment that a natural product or fat undergoes the process of refinement, it stops being natural.  At that very instant, it becomes harmful because the high temperatures that are used destroy the nutritive elements, especially enzymes, which play a fundamental role in the body’s metabolism.  When harmful or refined fats are consumed over a long period of time, the liver will begin to suffer from it.  This organ is in charge of digesting fats, and refined fats pose an exhausting task for converting these toxins into non-toxic fats, for destroying foreign or toxic substances that enter the body, when these foods are consumed.

What kinds of effects does saturated fat have on the body?

Whenever a fat or natural oil is hydrogenated, the body fills with toxins, the liver becomes heavily worked, and because it can’t fulfill its cleansing duties, fats and toxins begin to accumulate in the body.  They create an endless list of illnesses, like problems such as being overweight, heart problems, intoxicated veins, saturated intestines, acidic blood due to elevated toxins, arthritis, colitis, gastritis, conjunctivitis and all the other conditions that end in “-itis”, which means that something is inflamed.  All inflammation is related to a high amount of toxemia in the body.  Likewise, the defense system becomes weakened due to an accumulation of poisonous substances in the body, which makes the body more prone to illness and contagions.

How to chose healthy oils and fats

Remember that the body does need fat, but natural sources of it.  The heart and brain are made primarily from fat, and the skin needs certain oils to look young and beautiful.  For health and beauty reasons, you must learn to choose the fats and oils that you consume, so that the body takes the best advantage of them and prevents becoming overloaded with toxins.

Choosing healthy fats and oils:

  • Whenever you’re shopping for butter or oils, make sure they don’t contain any chemical additives nor hydrogenated vegetable fats.
  • Oils like those made from olives, soy, peanut butter, sesame, etc., must be cold-pressed or extra-virgin, because these oils are not refined and retain all their dietary properties.  Olive oil, which should always be extra-virgin, has great properties for health and beauty, especially for skin, intestines and heart problems.
  • When natural oils are exposed to high temperatures, they no longer preserve their nutrients, and their components become saturated (cholesterol).  Chemicals are also added to them.  That’s why you should look over the label well and make sure they are extra-virgin or first press.
  • Avoid cottonseed oil because it is not fit for human consumption.  The cotton is fumigated so many times that it becomes impossible to eliminate all the toxins loaded in it.
  • Rather than margarine, choose butter that does not contain hydrogenated oils.  Margarine typically it more refined and harmful, and it’s more difficult to find healthy margarine.  The most natural butters are the best, without preservatives, refined oils, coloring or additives, preferably organic.
  • Look for cold-pressed, quality oils.  Choose ones in dark bottles that don’t contain additives like coloring or flavoring.  Make sure they don’t contain preservatives and keep them out of sunlight or light, to keep them in better quality.

We recommend not using refined oils for cooking.  It’s best to use a good teflon pan to prevent foods from sticking.  For salads, there’s nothing better than fruit or seed oils that are cold-pressed.  Olive oil is one of my favorites for dressings, as well as sesame or peanut oil.

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