The Importance of Blood Quality and Food Combination

Blood quality is the deepest base for good health and a youthful body.  For healthy blood, food combination is key.  There is a traditional method of combining foods that uses digestive enzymes to rejuvenate and become capable and able to absorb and disperse nutrients in the most effective and powerful way possible.  This will nourish and strengthen the body.  This method is based on strategic use of acidic and alkaline foods.
The Importance of Blood Quality and Food Combination

Alkaline and Acidic Foods in Blood Quality

The majority of foods are divided into two classes: alkaline and acidic, but proper absorption and dilution thereof can be prevented if an opposing enzymatic environment is created in the stomach.  This could be created by poorly combining these foods.

The blood stream needs nutrients that are sent from the digestive tract.  That is why it is important to keep your stomach and intestines healthy, which is done so by providing enough enzymes for the food absorption and digestion.  A diet which properly combines foods could help create the perfect enzymatic atmosphere in your stomach, which will undoubtedly benefit your blood stream in energetic and healthy ways.  This in turn will benefit all of your cells, tissues, organs and systems.

Practicing Rejuvenating Food Combinations

Practicing food combinations is useful to:

  • Make enzymes work to their full capacity, undiluted, recovering the maximum amount of nutrients from food and using them to create and recreate red and white blood cells.
  • The enzymes provided by this diet have complete strength to absorb nutrients.
  • Transform foods into essential substances for blood.

How to Combine Foods for Blood Quality

If you improperly combine foods, you will create an environment in your stomach that has little enzymatic harmony.  This creates harmful fermentation inside the stomach, which results in poor nutrient absorption, poor blood quality, and lots of waste circulating through the body.  This will cause the body to age, fall ill, and to lack vitality.  We have a golden rule for youth and health that we would like to tell you about: this isn’t about what you eat, but rather what you can absorb.

We are going to give you a few basic rules that you can begin to use to create enzymatic strength when eating, and to create high quality, rejuvenating blood.

  • Fruits: fruits should be eaten by themselves because if eaten with other foods, especially starches and meat, they will create a very harmful fermentation in the stomach.  This prevents alkaline digestion of carbohydrates.  Poorly combining fruits will deprive the blood stream of nutrients and energy, therefore weakening and aging cellular and organ tissues.
  • Proteins: (meat, milk, fish, cheeses, etc.)  The truth is, all cooked or heated foods lose practically all of their enzymes.  Meats are eaten cooked, and cow’s milk is pasteurized, which means that not only do they lose their enzymes, but they lose their nutritive properties as well, which is why nutrients are then later added once again.  These products are completely unnecessary for health.  If you do consume them, however, try not to combine them with starches, like potatoes, sweet potatoes, pastries, etc., nor with other proteins, like meat with other meats, meat with cheese, almonds with cow’s milk, etc.  Milk whey, on the other hand, is very beneficial because of its enzymatic strength.  But this needs to be extracted from milk or yogurt.
  • If you eat cooked proteins it is very important that you eat a fresh salad with it to help aid digestion.  This will prevent it from fermenting and creating toxins in the intestines.  Do not eat too much meat.  Once a week, at most, is recommended, and do not fry it nor should you combine it with soda or sugar-sweetened drinks.
  • Do not mix fats with proteins: do not use meat, walnuts, cream, milk, butter, eggs, or oil in the same meal.

These four points are fundamental for correct nutrient absorption.  Remember to try to consume foods as raw as possible.  Do not cook your vegetables very much, it is better to boil them in water, add the vegetables when the water is boiling, then remove from heat and cover.  Add sea salt.  This is the best way to steam vegetables.

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