Tonics and natural remedies for Arthritis

Diseases of the joints are related not only to the joints of the body, but also to all elements involved in bodily movement, like the muscles and tendons.

ArthritisArthritis is an inflammation of the joints and tendons, while rheumatism is seen in the muscles.

Recommended dietary foods

The most recommended foods for arthritis are those rich in sodium, raw goat’s milk, figs, parsley, vegetable soups, nut butters, and cod fish oil.  If you experience pain, eat foods rich in lecithin.

Joint exercise

It is very important, especially for stiffness in the hands, to perform exercises opening and closing the hands, so the calcium creates a bit of friction with the calcium deposits in the joints.  The best thing to do is to submerge your fingers in Epsom salt solutions, allowing the heat to relax the tissues, doing your exercises for 15 minutes a day.

Emotional causes of arthritis

Arthritis appears with pain and movements that grow more and more restricted.  When you resist new changes, new attitudes, or you have the tendency to control everything to your benefit, your way of thinking keeps you locked in a state of tension and anxiety.  The thought will say something like “there’s only one way to move” or “I can’t move in any other way”, or “it’s hard to move”.  That message is then sent to the body and, if constant, a moment will come when the emotional attitude becomes externalized in the body as arthritis.

A nice way to live life is to continue adapting to new ways of life.  Mental and emotional balance is not static in humans.  Balance is constant movement, you must continue adapting yourself to new attitudes and ways of thinking in order to maintain harmonious equilibrium in the body with life experiences.  Adaptation is a natural process, spontaneous in human beings.  Adaptation is broken, however, when you resist learning and flowing with new consciousness.

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