Do you want Young skin? Try aesthetic acupuncture.

We all know that acupuncture is a truly efficient health alternative.  It fights aches and pains, helps cure illnesses, restores balance to chemical disturbances, and balances the energies flowing through the meridians in the body.  Acupuncture is also extremely beneficial for beauty as well, for getting a young skin.
Do you want Young skin? Try aesthetic acupuncture.

Acupuncture and beauty for a young skin

You could say that this concept is new in the West.  It is an aesthetic extension of acupuncture, used therapeutically for beauty.  With aesthetic acupuncture, certain effective methods can be used to smooth out the skin, which is neither painful nor does it require specific points.  It does not create inflammation, and also doesn’t force its patients to spend some time afterwards in hiding from the rest of the world.

Aesthetic acupuncture makes surgical alternatives a thing of the past.  Today, several acupuncture practitioners use this method with the promise of eliminating wrinkles or expression lines with the tiny needles used in Chinese science.

A little bit of history…

Aesthetic acupuncture began gaining popularity in California, USA, when movie stars tried it with incredible results.  New York is actually the current home of the second World Aesthetic Acupuncture Center.  Thousands of New Yorkers have tried it with great success, subjecting their wrinkled or puckered faces to the rejuvenating influence of the acupuncturist needles and hands, feeling truly satisfied with the results.

Aesthetic acupuncture and its effectiveness

How does acupuncture make wrinkles disappear?  It seems as if the answer to that question were surrounded by secrecy that perhaps the great masters of this art may never reveal.  Doctor Ralf Sepson, a Britain specialist that works in the Acupuncture Group in New York, said only “we don’t know why it works, patients are convinced that something happens, and indeed, something does happen”.  

Some think that in order to unravel this mystery, you must stop thinking like a Westerner, which always tries to find very poor and conventional reasons to explain complex ideas that require much deeper thought.  When using Western logic, it seems to be such a trivial thing, and completely necessary to find reasons for something so evident.  What you have to keep in mind, however, is this method’s extreme effectiveness, which is proven even though no scientific proof can still explain in a comprehensible way, the way the needles produce such an effect.

So while scientists debate over finding explanations, take the time yourself to find a good aesthetic acupuncture practitioner to benefit from the wonderful effects that these needles produce.  

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