Gout: Causes, Natural Remedies, and more…

Gout is a condition characterized by an excessive production of uric acid, which crystallizes and accumulates in the joints, especially in small ones, like the big toe.  It is possible, however, that these deposits accumulate in larger joints, like the knee, the ankle, or the shoulder.   These deposits convert into urate crystals that express very painful consequences.
Gout: Causes, Natural Remedies, and more...

What causes gout?

Every time that we consume proteins (especially those from red meats) the body processes them and leaves behind a residual element known as uric acid.  It is usually eliminated from the body, primarily from the kidneys (through the urine), and to a lesser extent, by sweating.  When uric acid levels in the blood become elevated, however, it is deposited, as mentioned before, in different parts of the body, which produces the following symptoms:

Symptoms of Gout

  • Intense inflammation
  • A sensations of strong pressure, or pulsing
  • Reddening of the area
  • Intense pain

The probable causes that produce said discomfort are:

  • Excessive consumption of animal meat
  • Overweight
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Anemia and dietary carelessness
  • Psoriasis
  • Cancer
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

What to do to achieve a complete cure?

Whenever we have some type of illness that causes a lot of discomfort, pain, or annoyance, we generally want and look for, quick solutions. We must keep in mind, however, that this type of rush to cure ourselves forces us to make decisions that later on could aggravate the problem even more.  We take all sorts of medications (the majority with adverse or unpleasant side effects), but we never consider that what  allopathic and chemical medications do is irritate the body in an artificial way, so it adapts, reacts, and responds as it should.  Over time, you run the risk of becoming dependent on even stronger medications, because the body has weakened its own ability to adapt.  Therefore natural medicine provides us with the opportunity to be able to stimulate the body naturally.  This is slower, but it gives the body the alternative to strengthen itself, to create its own defenses, and to react on its own time and rhythm.  This creates a defense system more and more resistant and strong.

The following natural remedies will help your body slowly recover and strengthen itself.

Natural remedies for Gout

  • DIET: As with any condition, natural medicine first recommends following a proper diet.  As a general rule (this adapts to any diet, age, or person) you must avoid as much as possible (or eliminate if possible) consuming refined sugars, fried foods, dairy products, and packaged animal products.  These are saturated in toxins, filth, salt, and unnecessary fats.
  • CHERRY JUICE FOR GOUT: Greek doctors used to use cherries to treat gout.  Even though we still haven’t been able to prove with certainty which cherry component it is that enormously helps heal this condition, this fruit appears to be an extraordinary remedy for curing said condition.
  • CARROT JUICE FOR GOUT: drink one glass of fresh carrot juice (recently extracted), blended with half a cucumber, with the skin and everything (wash the skin well), one sprig of parsley, and half a glass of aloe vera juice.  Drink this juice daily, before eating.
  • CRANBERRY INFUSION: place 40 grams of cranberries in one liter of cold water.  Heat, and keep boiling for 2 minutes.  Remove from heat and let set for 10 minutes.  Strain and drink the water throughout the day.  Any leftover cranberries can be used in a soy milk smoothie (remember that you should avoid cow’s milk), and molasses rice in the morning.
  • FOR THE PAIN: mix 1 spoonful of soy or sesame oil and three drops of rosemary oil with a bit of bicarbonate.  Gently massage this over the affected area.
  • LEMON AND STRAWBERRIES: in the morning, before breakfast, drink the juice of one lemon, dissolved in warm water, and do not eat for the following 20 minutes.  Take a break from the lemon every 3 days, and on that day, substitute the lemon by eating 5 strawberries without sugar.  You can slightly sweeten them with honey or molasses.  Eat them fresh before breakfast, and do not mix them with any other food.
  • GARLIC: Mash 3 or more garlic cloves in 3 Tbsp. of olive or sesame oil, until creating a paste.  Apply to the affected area and let set as long as possible.  Eat one clove of garlic before breakfast; if you are drinking the lemon juice as described above, you can alternate between lemon and garlic: lemon for 2 days, garlic for 2 days, strawberries for 2 days.   You can select any one of these during the remaining day.  Everything should be in the morning before breakfast, and without eating anything else for the following 20 minutes.
  • ELDER: Add 6 drops of elder essential oil to 2 Tbsp. of olive oil.  Apply to the affected area.
  • INCLUDE IN YOUR DIET: bananas (eat the fruit alone, without combining it with any other food), liquid chlorophyll, watermelon, fresh vegetables in salads, olive oil, and apples.

Emotional causes

You must review your emotions because they are a powerful influence on your body’s state.  Impatience, desperation, and the need to control or dominate are a few of the probable energetic causes; these emotions generate a lot of internal tension, a lot of anxiety, which prevents the body from reacting in the best way possible.  It is recommendable to look for literature that helps you feel more peaceful and secure, or that you look for activities that help you liberate tensions and to center yourself more in your own personal strength.  Tai Chi, yoga, and meditations are great alternatives.

To keep in mind

If you are surprised by a strong pain, it’s best to sit down; the pressure on your joint will increase the pain and inflammation.  If possible, elevate the affected area against gravity.  Try wearing the most comfortable footwear possible, and do not apply either hot or ice compresses.

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