Papaya Seeds to treat Kidney failure, Parasites, Cirrhosis, Over Weight, etc.

If you don’t want any more costly, prolonged treatments that provide disappointing results, and you want to reclaim your health, beauty, and figure, we have a wonderful remedy for you here.  It is accessible and trustworthy for recovering your ideal weight and health.  Papaya is an extraordinary food and is recognized for its laxative properties, as well as being an inflammation reducer, anti-carcinogen, anti-bacterial, cleansing, and heal the stomach, migraines, intestines, skin, etc.  It’s tiny seeds are part of the picture too.  They contain the same properties and even include a few others, like their ability to eliminate parasites.  Those small papaya seeds hold healing properties that will surprise you.
Papaya Seeds to treat Kidney, Parasites,Cirrhosis, Over Weight

Papaya seeds to treat kidneys and kidney failure

Use 5 to 7 papaya seeds, and blend them into a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.  Drink every morning before breakfast.  If you want to treat a kidney problem, like infections, blend 7 seeds in one glass of horsetail tea, freshly prepared, and drink warm with a few drops of lemon, before breakfast.  In this case, avoid anything refined, especially white flours and sugar, cow’s milk, and irritants, like coffee, chocolate, vinegar, pepper, etc.

Papaya seeds to treat intestinal parasites

Papaya seeds are potent remedies or killing parasites and their tiny eggs.  For this, dry them out on a hotplate, use about 40 seeds.  One they’re dry, crush them into a powder and then add honey to the powder.  Stir.  Drink in lemon tea before breakfast, and don’t eat anything else for 30 minutes.  Take the powder 3 times a day.

Papaya seeds to lose weight

If you want to lose weight and you want to try something super natural and effective, there’s nothing better than papaya seeds.  In order to take advantage of their cleansing and fat-removing properties, all you need to do is blend a piece of papaya in the morning with a few raw seeds.  Blend everything well with a glass of water.  If you like, add raw oats so you can have a bit of breakfast.  Do not sweeten with anything.  Prepare one liter and blend well.  Drink one glass before breakfast, another during mid-morning, another in the afternoon and yet another at night.  If you want to lose weight it is very important that you don’t combine the papaya with any other food.  Drink it just with water, and wait another 20 minutes before eating anything else.  If you want to lose weight, remember that white sugar, cow’s milk, excessive salt, animal meat, and white bread are the foods that cause most weight gain.  On this diet, we recommend drinking papaya seeds in a boldo tea before breakfast (before your papaya and water), and wait 10 minutes before drink more water.  Remember to exercise to help your intestines evacuate toxins and extra fat.

Papaya seeds to cure the stomach and intestines

Stomach and intestinal infections can easily and naturally be fought using these tiny seeds, especially staphylococcus, salmonella and other infections.  For this, blend 5 to  fresh seeds in half a glass of chamomile tea and drink two or three times a day.  If you have a stomach infection, avoid any type of cow’s milk, animal meat, and especially white sugar and white bread.  Another way of healing stomach infections with these seeds is to follow a diet, eating just papaya and chamomile tea.  During lunch, eat steamed vegetables.  Remember not to combine papaya with other foods, so you can benefit the most from this fruit.

Papaya seeds to cure the liver and cirrhosis

Dry and blend the seeds as previously indicated.  Prepare an infusion using dandelion or boldo, one cup, and add a bit of the prepared powder.  Drink before breakfast without sweetening with anything.  Add a few drops of lemon to your tea.  Drink daily until you notice your liver improving.  Also remember to avoid saturated fats and alcohol or irritants, which are generated not only by drinking alcohol, but by also poorly combining foods, like fruit with other foods.  The sugar in the fruit ferments the food and creates alcohol in the body.  That’s why we recommend following a papaya diet for a day, eating just this fruit along with the aforementioned remedy.  The following day, eat a steamed vegetable diet, avoiding cow’s milk.  Choose instead almond or oatmeal milk.  Also, avoid cheese, refined or white sugar and refined breads.  

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