Advice for preventing and getting rid of Grays

When asked, most women would say they don’t like gray hair.  It seems that men feel the same too.  It seems as if gray hair has always made us look more interesting; it is seen as a symbol of  wisdom and astuteness in men.  Regardless, it still seems as if women with grays are not as widely accepted, mainly because women themselves are the first to reject this look.
Advice for preventing and getting rid of Grays

Causes of Grays

Gray hair can be caused by several things.  It is primarily a genetic trait; natural pigmentation loss in the hair over time is determined from the moment one is born.

On the other hand, grays can have something to do with a diet full of excessive refined sugar consumption, or lots of tension, dislikes, etc., and are do to the hormonal imbalances that these emotional conditions create.  If you still feel you’re not ready to have grays, but it’s already happening, take a look at your emotions. If you’re overly tense or you constantly feel sad or angry, this could be precipitating your gray hair.

Refined sugars

White sugar is a strong irritant to the nervous system.  Consuming too much sugar then create sickness there, and provokes as a consequence, imbalanced nervous conditions.

Here we’ll give you some advice to prevent grays, and help restore your natural color:

  • We recommend avoiding or using in very slight moderation, refined sugar.
  • Practice some sort of relaxing activity for the nervous system.
  • Take alfalfa tablets (2 or 3 a day), or make salads of juices from the plant.  This food helps, in some cases, to restore hair’s natural color.
  • Parsley juice is also very advisable.
  • Another resource for reviving hair color is Henna, which gives grays a very beautiful tone, but it only works in hair that hasn’t been dyed.
  • Give yourself a scalp massage at night for 20 minutes.  This will stimulate blood flow to the scalp and will help you relax from the day’s tensions.

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