Cover your Grays with Henna

The appearance of grays can be postponed or reduced with a good diet and a life low in stress.  One of the primary causes of premature gray hair is tension, although heredity can influence it as well.

However, sooner or later, grays will appear, and although a lot of people enjoy them, and a lot of men even look attractive with them, they aren’t quite as comfortable or attractive for others.
Cover your Grays with Henna

Cover grays with henna

Henna is a health and natural alternative to all the other dyes offers on the market.  Henna is a natural vegetable dye that you can use to dye your hair whatever color you like best, as it is sold in different tones.  You can do this without the risk of damaging your hair or causing allergic reactions, like those caused by chemical dyes, and you will also have that advantage of not only dying your hair, but also conditioning it.  Henna restores split ends, conditions roots, and makes your hair manageable while giving it shine.

Along with all these advantages, henna has to ability to cover the first grays that appear in your hair, keeping them similar to your natural color.  All you need to do is learn an effective way to dye them and to use henna.

How do I cover my grays with henna?

There are different ways of applying henna to your hair.  A lot of times you can find instructions in the packet you buy.  However, below we will give you an idea of how to apply henna:

To apply henna, you will need:

  • A non-metallic bowl and a spatula to mix with, preferably wooden.
  • Henna powder in whichever color your choose.
  • Warm water (however much needed)
  • You can use optional oils for your hair, like avocado oil, sesame or olive oil, and take advantage of it while applying the henna to nourish your hair.

Procedure for applying henna:

1. You need to mix the henna powder and warm water in a bowl.  Then, blend very well and get rid of all the clumps that forms, until leaving a smooth paste.

2. Wait until the paste cools and continue mixing until it is as soft as possible.

3. You could add a tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil to give your hair some extra conditioning.

4. Then, apply to dry hair.  One of the best ways of doing this is with your hands, using gloves so you don’t stain your skin.  Rub vigorously, especially over the areas with gray.  It’s best to start at the most difficult areas like in the back of your head. You can ask a friend to help you if you feel it’s too hard.  If you’re alone, use a mirror to help so you can see the area well where you have already applied the henna.  The most important part is completely and vigorously covering the hair you want to dye with the paste.

5. If your hair is very dark and you want to cover your grays, choose a dark tone and let it set as long as you can.  Apply to the grays however many times necessary, until the grays are covered.

6. If you notice after washing your hair that your grays turned out to be a color that you don’t like, repeat this process again another day.  Sometimes the grays can turn out red or even bluish.  Don’t worry, repeat the process once again, or however many times necessary, until you like it.  Remember that this dye is natural and will not damage your hair.

7. In some places you can buy already prepared henna, together with special oils that will help you intensify the tone you want.  For example, if you’re using dark henna, the kit could come with wheatgerm oil, which helps accentuate dark tones in the hair.

Another way to cover grays if you have dark hair is to dye it a lighter color so that the grays don’t stick out as much, and to match them up to a lighter, more uniform color.  If you like this option, add lemon juice to your paste, or make the mixture with boiling chamomile infusion to help lighten your hair.

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