Varicose veins: strengthen your veins and fight varicose veins naturally

Veins are our interior channels through which our blood flows and picks up waste material.

Varicose veins: strengthen your veins and fight varicose veins naturallyThe veins in the lower parts of our body carry more weight than those in the other parts of our body, which happens due to gravity.  The veins in our lower extremities, like those in our legs and feet, carry a large amount of blood that has to flow from our feet or our heart.

When these veins are weak, their valves and walls give in to this high pressure, and no longer function properly.  Blood is poorly circulated to the heart, and pools in the veins in our lower extremities.  When this happens, nodules form, and these nodules are known as varicose veins.

When blood can no longer flow properly, it pools.  The result is – on an aesthetic level -very unpleasant.  They take on a blue or violent color, noticeable on the surface of the skin.  We then get “spider veins” covering the legs.  However – in terms of health – it’s not only unpleasant, but it’s also a cause needing attentive consideration.  The surrounding tissues can become damages due to accumulated and collected toxins in the area, which can then cause ulcers.

Exercises to prevent and treat varicose veins

  1. It’s always best to prevent.  If you feel your veins are weak, you should do some sort of physical activity that doesn’t have you constantly on your feet, but that in some way, moves your body.  Working out, swimming, bicycling, spinning, yoga, or barefoot walking in the sand or grass are all recommended exercises.
  2. An inclined table is an excellent cure for varicose veins.  If you lay down for 20 minutes on it while doing exercises to lift and stretch your legs, you will be able to greatly strengthen your veins.
  3. Aesthetic and relaxing massages are also very beneficial.
  4. Every time you remember to, lay on your back and lift your legs up.  Raise and lower them about 20 times.

Diet for Varicose veins

It’s best to learn to eat as natural and balanced as possible.  Veins are tissues too, that need nutrition.  Eat fish, fresh vegetables, and lots of foods that contain amino acids such as brewer’s yeast and soy.  Don’t forget the prodigious vitamins C and E, good for the veins.  These are found in citrus fruits and grains, respectively.  Oat smoothies and vegetable broths are excellent

Home remedies

This remedy if truly effective.  Take a bunch of kale and remove the stems.  Run a rolling pin over each leaf, so as to flatten them.  Place the flattened kale leaf over top of the varicose veins.  Leave them as long as you can, even better if you can leave them there all night, or during the morning or all day.

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