Free yourself from Varicose Veins with this advice

Varicose veins is a common problem, mostly in women. If you want to prevent the veins in your body from getting bigger, dilating, and visibly protruding in your legs and thighs, which causes discomfort not only aesthetically but also causes health complications, take not of the following advice that I have for you.  It will help you face this condition, which currently affect one in every ten women worldwide.

Free yourself from Varicose Veins with this adviceVaricose veins form due to poor valve functioning in veins that don’t work correctly in legs.  The blood coming from the heart become stagnant and can’t make its way through, and finally the vein widens.  This causes several different symptoms, from burning, to itching, heaviness, cramps, and progressive pain.

How to prevent Varicose veins

Exercise is what will make your legs always look health and beautiful.  Movement prevents the veins from being obstructed.  We recommend that you go up and down stairs, go for a jog, swim or walk, and make this a daily routine.  Good circulation is key for preventing blood from accumulating in veins.

If you already have varicose veins, it’s better to talk to your doctor before starting an exercise routine.  Remember that in your state, you should avoid exhausting exercises.

Keep in mind

Varicose veins don’t pop up over night.  Life styles condition them.  For example, it’s normal for people who stand for long periods of time to suffer from this condition.  Their symptoms start early on.  The first small lines or tiny veins could appear, or frequently, the ankles swell.

Obese individuals, keep an eye out

Obese individuals are also 50% more prone to varicose veins that individuals of a normal weight.  They run the risk of post-surgery hemorrhage complications.  Due to the fact that varicose veins can cause an accumulation of blood in veins, this leads to a posterior formation of blood clots.

How to fight Varicose Veins

If you already have varicose veins and they bother you, the type of diet you follow and your daily activity are fundamental.

In the first place, you need to avoid consuming red meats and animal fats, that leave a lot of residue in the body.  Rather, you should lean towards polyunsaturated fats that have the ability to reduce blood viscosity, which promotes blood flow.  This fat is found in seed oils like sunflower, corn, soy, in dried fruit and oily fish.

Water and red tea

It is also important that you increase your liquid consumption so as to eliminate toxins and improve blood circulation.

Red tea is another produce that can help you eliminate fats and improve circulation, just like dandelion.  You can drink them as infusions.  Just one cup a day should provide good results.

Potassium and fiber

Another ally against varicose vein formation is potassium.  It is found in vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, brewer’s yeast, and legumes.

The fiber contained in vegetables is also very beneficial for good blood circulation.  It has the ability to capture certain substances in the intestines, preventing them from being absorbed, including cholesterol and fats.

You should avoid

And lastly, we are going to give you a few more recommendations on things you should avoid, or if you already have varicose veins, that help to prevent them from worsening or that keep them inoffensive.

You should avoid sources of excess heat, for example, very hot showers.

Avoid sun exposure.  If you experience excessive sun exposure, or you are frequently exposed, this could cause vasodilation and varicose veins.

Avoid waxing with hot waxes.  There are now alternative plant-based waxes that are low-temperature.

Thermal baths are also not recommendable at temperatures higher than 28 degrees C, or swimming in very cold water.


Elevate your legs.

Elevate your legs above your hips and support them on a cushion or a few pillows.

Change positions

Using supports, lay face up and raise your legs.  Rest them on the wall.  You can do this exercise throughout the day, as many times as you can.  Stay in this position for 2 minutes, which helps the blood flow from the varicose veins to your heart.

Elevate your bed

Use books, guides, or some other object to support underneath your mattress.  Keep your feet raised higher while you sleep.  If you have cardiac or respiratory problems, it’s better to consult your physician firsthand.

Practice yoga

Yoga helps alleviate the discomfort from varicose veins.  Try this simple exercise: lay down face up, raise your legs as if you were sitting on a chair and breath slowly through your nose.  This helps gravity’s strength remove accumulated blood from your legs.


It is a good idea to massage the affected are.  While keeping your legs elevated, gently apply pressure from the ankle to your trunk.  Make sure they aren’t too strong because this could damage your veins even more.  

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