Depression: Rebellion, Resignation, and Loneliness (part two)

Addictions to other things, like games (compulsive gambling), food, alcohol, etc., are other ways of rebelling from non-fulfillment.  A poor diet, for example, is another way, perhaps not nearly as exaggerated, of demonstrating depression, but is also one of the most common manifestations that could cause a lot of future complications for health.  Eating “bad” can be clear evidence that someone doesn’t care if it hurts them or not, because deep down, they don’t care.  Deep down, that person is not excited to live because they don’t want “to be where they are”.
Depression: Rebellion, Resignation, and Loneliness

Anorexia and bulimia

These are clear signs of strong emotional pain, seeing as how those who suffer from it (primarily young girls), feel alone, confused, depressed, unloved or unaccepted.  They feel strong rejection for not being able to fulfill expectations to be loved and accepted.


When rebellion has not been acknowledged from this point of view, it can cause, over time, resignation.  This means that the person doesn’t like where they are, but makes a terrible effort at being there and adapting because “that’s just what life gave them”.  This wastes tremendous amounts of energy over time, because that person is not naturally flowing with their life, but rather making exhausting efforts at keeping a certain lifestyle.  Over time, this will cause coldness and emotional distance from life: loneliness or chronic depression.  

It is so important to keep all of this in mind, and search for books that enlighten you and nourish both mind and spirit.  Search for readings that help you find a deep purpose in life.  In some centers that treat addictions, like alcoholism, from this perspective and prompt addicts to find a purpose in life by helping others in their same situation, both their mood is improved, as well as their need to consume pills, drugs, or alcohol.

It is very important to help our youth, but there is no way that we can help them, and we definitely won’t be able to show them how to be happy, if we ourselves haven’t previously learned how to be happy.  Helping them in their depression or rebellious states doesn’t require any strategies or formulas; it requires helping them see life from different perspectives.  But first, we need to make this revaluation within ourselves.  Leaving your heart to the side is keeping yourself absent from life, and depression let’s us know to become more creative and participatory in life.  To invest all of our senses and creative talents in life if one of the greatest missions of the human being. 

So if you have felt depressed for a while, take a look on the inside once in a while.  Search within yourself for some desire that you have forgotten, and get to work at fulfilling it.  You think it’s hard?  This is the greatest challenge: to develop your enormous talents, awaken what you hadn’t known, what is asleep in your magnificent mind.  There are several methods of help, like Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture, bioenergetic healing, and herbal medicine that can balance your energy and help you with your depression.  But the most important thing is that you never loose your sense of life.

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