Meditation to improve Health

Meditation encompasses the practice of maintained states of concentration on an external object, a thought, your own consciousness, or on the concentration itself.  The word “meditation” comes from the Latin word “meditatio”, which originally referred to a type of intellectual exercise (source: Wikipedia).

Meditation to improve HealthMeditation is a state of concentration (it can also be called contemplation), in which the practitioner experiences a certain state of internal retreat.  It can be practiced in several ways, and there are several techniques to doing so.

The meditative state is an extremely powerful state which can produce very diverse results, depending on the practitioner’s aspirations.  Here, we will provide a health-promoting meditation.  This meditation achieves a mental state that helps dissolve tensions or blockages that impede the free flow of vital energy circulation throughout the body.  This helps strengthen weak organs and the immune system.

This medication can be done day or night, or at any moment in which you find a few minutes to be peaceful and focused.  This meditation is practiced either sitting or lying down in a peaceful place, in order to achieve optimum concentration.  But if you’re on the bus, for example, and you have a few minutes to do it, this is also a good option.  This also works if you are waiting in a long line, or if you’re stuck in traffic.  You can do this even if you don’t achieve the concentration that you would in a peaceful place.

Meditation for health

1. The first thing to do is to breathe deeply.  On the inhale, imagine a light entering through your nostrils and spreading throughout your entire body.  If you are lying down, you can close your eyes and visualize this light, seeing how it fills your entire body.  After inhaling, hold your breath for a few seconds, and exhale.  Imagine all the tension leaving your body on the exhale.

2. The second step is to focus on a high-pitched musical note, like a note on the piano.  This note should be accompanied by a green-colored light, in the shape of a smile.  Every time you think about the note, the smiling circle will appear in your frontal lobe, or rather, between your eyes (at the height of your third eye).  The brilliant smile should be accompanied by a sense of happiness.

3. Now, play that note in every area of your body, little by little.  The smile in your frontal lobe will begin to disappear, and will then reappear at your feet.  Focus on making that luminous smile appear at your feet, and spread this light and happiness all around.  Then, move to your legs, making the smile appear and spreading the light and emotion all around again.  Feel how the emotion is absorbed into your skin, your muscles, and even down to your bones.  Feel the warmth of the luminous green penetrate your body.

4. Do this until your entire body has absorbed the light and happiness:  It is very important that you move over your body very slowly, and that you linger for longer periods of time in any areas that you may feel pain or weakness.  End at your frontal lobe.

This meditation is extremely powerful.  Consciously focusing on a high-frequency emotion like happiness helps the body absorb powerful healing strength.  If you accompany this meditation with good diet and exercise, you can drastically improve your results.

Children can also learn to meditate.  We can also meditate against anxiety.

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