The divine difference between knowing and believing

Do you think you’re intelligent?  Do you think you’re going to win the lottery?  Do you think you’re beautiful and a good person?  Well then, why can’t you get what you want?

jumpingCurrently, in topics related to the mind, thoughts, and metaphysics, talking about beliefs is common.  It is said that what I believe, powerfully influences what I live.  For example, if I believe I am “ugly”, then that’s what your message will be that you send out, and others will see me as ugly.  If I believe that something will be difficult, then it will be, and I will have a hard time of it.  If I believe, on the other hand, that walking underneath a ladder will bring me good luck, then it is very likely that this will happen.  

In spite of the fact that beliefs have a powerful influence in our lives, we must outline the great or infinite difference that exists between believing and knowing.

To believe vs. to know

A belief is a conjecture.  Believing means not I am not certain, and that in some way, I am struggling, searching for, or hoping that something is or behaves in a certain way.  Knowing, on the other hand, is being convinced of knowledge.

If I try to believe that I am intelligent, for example, I could then spend a long time trying to convince myself of something that, deep down, I might not truly be convinced of.  And the more I tell myself and repeat it, just like right now repeating positive affirmations is popular, I might not ever feel intelligent enough.  And what’s more, if I want to believe that I am intelligent, I could run the risk of feeling above something that, truthfully, I do not perceive in myself.

On the other hand, if I want to believe that life is beautiful, for example, but I just walk outside and see a bunch of junk, garbage, traffic, people drinking soft drinks and damaging their bodies, flies, and other things, what my intent to believe something that I don’t see, might actually generate inside me, could be strong tension.  My mind will not admit that something is beautiful if it can’t understand it as it is.  If I try to believe something that I don’t see, I run the risk of beginning to deny reality as it is, and I will then suffer more by trying to modify by beliefs, than if I were to simply believe what I see.

This difficulty of insisting on believing something we don’t feel has been an obstacle and a cause of great confusion for all people that have undertaken the task of creating reality by changing their “negative” beliefs for “positive” ones.

Without a doubt, believing is not the same as knowing.  Knowing means recognizing.  Recognizing myself as an intelligent person does not mean that I have to convince myself of something that is difficult.  I already am.  Each human being’s qualities are intelligence, beauty, wisdom: divine.  However, even though I already am this way, it doesn’t mean that I manifest it.  My intelligence, beauty, power, and more, could be blocked, precisely (and among other things), because I don’t open my eyes to reality to look objectively, and accept it as it is, as it expresses itself.

If I know that I am intelligent, this means that I know that I have the potential to be so.  It does not mean closing my eyes and repeating it until I magically become it.  This is very much the opposite.  It means opening my eyes to see just how intelligent, beautiful, or divine I express myself in my reality.  And then filling myself with the knowledge to be able to better express more than what I already am.

How will I know just how much beauty I express in my reality?

Yes, that’s a good question, because I can fool myself into believing that I am beautiful, intelligent, and wise.  I could think that everyone else is stupid, ugly, and unwise.  However, it is by observing others that surround us that we can see just how much wisdom or divinity we have let pass into our hearts.

Seeing others is like seeing ourselves.  If we lose this essential guide from our sight, we will lose the strand of everything that we want to create.  What I need to do is look, but look objectively.  Looking at and accepting the reality that I have is a way of seeing myself and accepting myself as I am.  Accepting myself is the first step of all creative processes.  If I deny myself, if I deny reality, nothing can be transformed.

And yet, accepting myself as I am does not mean that I am everything that I accept.  It means that it is what I have learned to manifest, but I can manifest an infinite amount of possibilities, I just need to find the map in my heart to everything that I can be.

Let us remember, then, that we already are everything that we want to be.  We don’t need to force ourselves to believe something that we don’t feel.  We must learn to see ourselves as we already are, and to follow the map of new understanding so that those qualities can awaken in us, with more strength.  We are divine creatures provided with infinite creative possibilities, we just need to let them move into our reality, and to be everything that we can be.

In summary:

Believing is trying to be what I feel I am not.

Knowing is recognizing myself as a divine being that is growing.

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