Learn to Visualize: Consciousness and Mind

At every instant of every day, an infinite amount of thoughts rung through our minds, like tiny little rats, of all “shapes” and “colors”, and at all speeds and in all directions.  Thoughts are powerful creative energies, every time that pass through thoughts, they are already ideas, memories, words, reasons, etc.  It’s as if they watered small seed in the land of our minds that could sprout in our reality if we were to give them the conditions to grow.  And how do those seeds grow?  With our attention.  When we pay attention to any one of these “seeds” or thoughts, and we continue to visualize it in our front lobe, it begins to grow, to sprout, by concentrating energy on it.  And if we continue visualizing it for enough time, it will convert into “reality“.

Learn to VisualizeThe art of visualizing can sound like a simple practice: keep a thought focused so it becomes reality would seems like a not-too-difficult task.  However, once you begin to try, you will notice just how easily this “selected” thought of focus slips, and how there are so many thoughts that distract and make noise.  They “eat” the thought we were trying to visualize in just one bite.

Patience and visualization

There are a lot of things that can impede our visualization of what we want, until it happens.  The greatest of these seems to be impatience.  The mind is very impatient for staying focused.  It doesn’t like to stay in just one spot, it always pushes in other directions.  It’s like an ape that jumps from tree to tree, from thought to thought.  However, it is no one but yourself that needs to learn to guide the mind, and strengthen it with your own will power.

Life is a reflection of what we think.  If life is chaotic, confusing, and disorderly, it is only a reflection of our chaotic, confused, and disorderly mind.  Life reflects either the weakness or strength of our minds.  Therefore, to begin to carry out a life with a strong mind, mental training through visualization is necessary.  It would be naive to think that the mind (life) will do what we want, if we don’t train it, and learn to guide it.  The expert dancer has trained his body to do what his will says to do.  When a professional dancer dances, this is a deeply conscious action.  A trained mind does what springs from harmonious, exact, and in some ways, spontaneous movements.  The dancer, in order to dance, had to visualize his body dancing in that way, moving that way.  He had to feel and direct the movement.  Nothing can be done in life if you do not learn the art of visualizing, the art of consciously focusing on what we want to manifest.

How to visualize

This is very simple: it has to do quite simply, with focusing on something you want to bring to mind thoughts and images related to what you want to manifest, and let these images saturate the body in that emotion.

To begin visualizing, we suggest starting with simple things or objects, that are within the range of acceptance for the individual.  A novice volleyball player will feel intimidate if they are forced to play against an Olympic group of these players.  An apprentice for developing their mind needs to begin to play “on their own level”.  The mind needs to begin its strengthening by will power with simple objects, that do not represent anything impossible, or anything difficult to reach.  Therefore, it’s best to chose very simple things at the beginning, like pencils, bracelets, clips, etc.  Make them a special color or shape, and visualize every day for at least half an hour to begin with (or longer, if possible) until they appear.

When you’re beginning, the mind will fill this exercise with a lot of doubts, and questions.  You will probably feel “stupid” during this exercise, you’ll think “could it happen?”, “will this work?”, “When, how, and where will what I’m visualizing appear?”  And it is now that you should learn to isolate the visualized object from all this mental noise, simply focus on feeling the object, its weight, its color, its smell.  See it three dimensionally, until it manifests.

Every time something manifests, the range of acceptance is raised.  There is more credibility to what the mind can do.  Practice this exercise as much as you can.  If you get despaired at first, or if you surprise yourself by suddenly thinking in something else, go back to the object of visualization.  This is a very easy and fun way to begin to control the mind’s powers.  You will soon see what you feel when the object you visualized simply appears in front of you.

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