Deep crying: Tears are the Water that Cleanse the Soul

Who hasn’t cried before?  Ever since we were children, crying has served to express emotions.  We cry when something hurts us, when we don’t get what we want, when we feel offended, or separated from something we love. 

Deep crying: Tears are the Water that Cleanse the SoulTears are the water that cleanse the soul, and even though crying is sometimes used as a tool, like blackmail, getting attention, or manipulation (as in the case of children, for example), generally, when we cry it means that we are making contact with our deepest emotions, especially when we cry deeply.

Not only do we cry we’re sad: our eyes could get moist when we feel truly happy for something.

Benefits of Deep Crying

Crying provides alleviation, it makes us feel more tranquil.  But deep crying also helps us to be more conscious of things that we didn’t see before, or that we resisted seeing.

Do you ever remember a time when you’ve cried deeply?  And how did you feel afterwards?  It’s more than likely that you felt more peaceful, as if someone took a “weight off your shoulders”.  The feeling after crying deeply is truly pleasant, perhaps because while crying, we could finally see or understand things that before, we couldn’t understand or see.  A lot of people cry easily, but there are other people who find it difficult to cry.  This could be because as children they were told that crying is “bad”, that they had to be “strong”, or that crying was for “weak” people.

Not everyone can cry deeply.  And generally it’s hard for those people to make contact with what they feel.  When you control your emotions too much, or you disguise them or deny them, your body becomes a place that harbors a lot of tension, stress, and pressure.  If this accumulates it will influence your personality, and you could even become very irritable, intolerant, desperate and depressive.  And then a moment will come when you can’t take it anymore, and you will explode, either with rage or tears.

If you don’t vent what you feel, then a lot of stress and tension will accumulate in your body which will cause numerous body ailments like headaches, stomachaches, dizziness, etc.  Your defenses will weaken and you will be more prone to getting sick.  All of those contained emotions will sooner or later block your free flow of energy, which will influence your health.

Crying is a natural way of venting emotions and understanding pain.  But if all day long you are too busy, or you don’t give yourself time to feel what moves or pains you, you will then begin to accumulate your tears.  A lot of times we spend our time resolving and paying attention to things outside of us, and we forget who we are and what we feel.

That’s why it’s very healthy for the body and spirit to give yourself a moment in every day for yourself, where you can be alone and review how your day went, and especially, how you felt.  Seeing where you feel weak, or limited, or uncreative or unaccepted, it can also be comforting to vent your emotions in regards to it, to become conscious of what you feel.  Giving yourself time to be with yourself is the path to be able to create evermore fantastic things in your life.

You can’t cry deeply?

Don’t worry, that happens to a lot of people.  But if you’ve felt the need to cry and you can’t, or if time goes by and you don’t spill even one tear, it might be good to help yourself grow more sensitive.  A lot of times it works to give yourself time for yourself, to play some music or to chat with a trusted person about things that affect you.  Sometimes just taking a deep breath can bring tears.  There is a special acupuncture point in the body, at the height of the throat, that, when pressed, can activate accumulated tears.

It is important that you do not repress or store pain, because if it stays in you, you could be a powerful obstacle in your life.

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