Dance Therapy: a process towards self-discovery and Understanding

The attitude with which we move says a lot about ourselves, and understanding the way in which we move, our posture, our breathing, the way in which we move through space, could be creatively changed to explore different aspects of our personality.

Dance TherapyDance therapy is a discipline, a tool, a path of reconciliation with one’s own self and with others.  Through it, new possibilities are released that allow us to appreciate the reality of forms we thought were unknown, but that inside, we already knew.

The game that brings us to this discovery begins by awakening a sensitivity that was once dormant, and increasing our proprioceptive abilities.  This allows us to become conscious of different areas in our bodies and of emotions that we once trapped behind thoughts and erroneous beliefs.

The more we allow our bodies to dance freely, guided by ourselves and the music, the more we create organized shapes in space and time, creating personal poetry.

And then the time to share arrives, helping a partner through listening and empathy, learning to support, learning to trust.

The group, as a wheel and a net, lets its understanding unfold or its happiness intensifies, searching for rhythms and synchrony.  They unfold in a more harmonious and more intense fashion, according to the needs of the greatest well-being, and feelings unfold during the dance.

This entire process is guided and sustained by coordination, respect, and care, so that each individual reaches their most expansive expressive possibilities.  They enclose everything they have learned through experience in their dance, joining with words to understand and to add what was missing.



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