Seborrheic Keratosis: Causes and Natural Treatment

Seborrheic keratosis refers to a certain type of wrinkly, non-cancerous tumor that appears on the face, shoulders, back, thorax, or other areas of the body.

Seborrheic Keratosis: Causes and Natural TreatmentThis condition can be caused by different things, including:

  • Excessive and constant stress combined with other emotional circumstances.
  • A deficient diet that leads to toxemia in the body and the blood, which causes a long list of diseases.  When the blood becomes acidic, or the pH levels are too high, because of an elevated level of toxins circulating throughout the body, the organs and systems in the body become imbalanced.  This will cause toxic and poisonous waste to accumulate in the body, which could manifest as lumps, tumors, or cysts in the body.

Seborrheic keratosis symptoms

  • When irritated, it could cause itching or burning.
  • Lumps will appear on the skin as brown, dark brown, or black spots.
  • They may appear wrinkly, but the feel more rough and waxy.
  • They are circular or oval shaped, and generally breakout in clusters.

Natural treatment for Seborrheic keratosis

If you want to truly eliminate this condition, we recommend that you consider three important things:

CLEANSING DIET: Pineapple, papaya and grapes (with their seeds) are excellent cleansing foods.  The cleanse the intestines and sweep out impurities in the blood and other important organs, like the liver.  The liver is connected to this disorder, as it is a cleansing organ.  Choose one of these three fruits, and follow a diet for one or two days, eating solely your chosen fruit.  Start your days off with bold tea with freshly squeezed lemon juice, and then take two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.  Then eat just your fruit.  If you get hungry, eat more fruit, as much as you would like, but do not change your chosen fruit.  You also should not add any sugar or salt to it, or anything else for that matter.


After your cleansing diet, continue with a diet full of fresh and steamed vegetables, soups and stews or vegetable salads are great at removing toxins.  They are also great sources of vitamins and minerals.  Avoid any kind of red meat, cow’s milk and refined products, like sugar, sodas, bottled juices, white flour pastries, refined rice, etc.  The best thing for you now is to eat whole, fresh and organic foods, with no added sugar or preservatives.  All of this will help you eliminate this condition from the root.  Start every day with bold tea with lemon, then follow with the oil.  Eat some sort of citrus fruit 20 minutes after drinking your tea.

EMOTIONS: feeling “dirty” or guilty about certain things, or being overly worried about your physical appearance, causes a very unique type of stress that appears on the skin.  So start to love yourself and accept yourself as you are.  Value yourself for the person you are.  We recommend reading the book “You can Heal your Life” by Louise L. Hay.  This author healed herself from cancer with a natural and very interesting method.  This starts by stopping your self-criticism, not judging oneself, and beginning to accept yourself as you are, learning from life’s experiences.

STRESS: watch your stress.  This is one of the most influential factors in all diseases.  Stress is caused by several different reasons, be it family, money, spouse, feeling constantly attacked, not being able to drop things you don’t like, etc.

NATURAL HEALING SUPPLEMENTS: frequently include the following foods in your diet: fresh ginger (one small piece a day), boldo tea before breakfast, spirulina seaweed, liquid chlorophyll (blood cleanser), pineapple and papaya (but do not eat them together, choose one or the other), alfalfa sprouts, aloe, broccoli or onions, raw onions, raw garlic or garlic capsules (although we recommend taking at least one soft clove of fresh garlic a week).

ALTERNATIVES: In some cases it may be a good idea to use other techniques to rid yourself of the skin patches, in addition to everything previously mentioned.  You may used techniques like freezing, as this will help the body effectively and quickly get rid of them.  If you decide to use this method, don’t forget to follow the previously mentioned recommendations to help your skin heal quickly, and to prevent future outbreaks.

CLAY: apply clay twice a week on the breakout area.  Afterwards, rinse and wash the area, then apply colloidal silver.

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