Neuritis: Causes and Natural Treatments

Neuritis is inflammation and degradation of one or more nerves in the body, which can cause a wide array of symptoms, like those listed below, according to which nerve is affects and the area in which it occurs:Remedies and natural treatment for fighting Neuritis

  • Pain or sense disorders around the area of the inflamed nerve.  This pain could radiate from other parts of the body.  For example, if it is close to the chest, it could spread toward the back.
  • Pain, often times intense, which prevents the individual from resting, both night and day.
  • Dullness and a tingling sensation in some areas of the body.
  • It could create a certain type of paralysis.

Causes of Neuritis

  • Harmful accumulation of uric acid crystals in the muscles.
  • Body intoxication by alcohol (alcoholic neuritis)
  • Compressed nerve caused by things such as excessive stress, repressed emotions, excessive self-control, etc.
  • Metabolic disorders, like diabetic neuritis or alcoholism.
  • Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that are important for the body.

There are several types of neuritis

Degenerative neuritis: this type wears down the nervous system.

Acute neuritis: this is also known as amyotrophic neuritis.  This type of neuritis is recognizable by the abrupt appearance of intense muscle pains which often times creates an amyotrophic muscle, which could last for several days or months.

Ascending neuritis: the nerve inflammation starts in the periphery of the body and slowly moves towards the nerve trunk.

There are other types of neuritis as well, like optic neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve), interstitial neuritis, Combault neuritis, Leyde neuritis, demyelinating neuritis (which causes segment loss of myelin), neurosyphilis, etc.

Remedies and natural treatment for fighting Neuritis

INITIAL CLEANSING DIET: regardless of the type of neuritis you have, diet is always looked at, which is the base of any sort of healing.  In this case, a cleansing diet is the first step.  You can choose either pineapple or papaya, just one of them, and eat that fruit for two or three days.  Start your mornings with two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and one glass of boldo tea with the juice from one lemon squeezed into it.  Drink your tea, wait 20 minutes, then start with your diet.  Eat only the chosen fruit for that period of time, don’t add any sugar, lemon or salt to it.  Eat the fruit by itself, or as a smoothie with fresh water and nothing else.  I especially recommend pineapple, which has an acid that is fantastic for cleansing the body.  But if you suffer from gastritis, it’s best to eat the papaya diet.  It’s not that the pineapple will cause any harm to you, but your stomach will burn.  If you have any other effects, like stomachaches or headaches, this is because the body is cleansing itself.  If you feel nauseated, just drink a vegetable broth and continue with the diet the following day.

FOLLOW-UP DIET: after finishing your cleansing diet, start your second or third day with the same diet, taking the oil and drinking your tea before breakfast, then eat your fruit.  After 10 am, start introducing light foods slowly into your diet.  Avoid refined flour and sugar, red meat and any form of cow’s milk.  Don’t even drink skim milk.  You should drink carrot juice with aloe throughout the day, and for foods you should predominantly be eating whole grain bread, citrus fruits, salads made from fresh and steamed vegetables, whole grain rice, almond milk, fresh cheeses, fish, sesame seeds and nuts, cucumber, celery (lots of celery0 and lentils, etc.  Juices should be freshly made using quality fruits or vegetables.  Do not drink canned or processed juices.

AFFECTED AREA: gently give yourself arnica massages and try to see whether something is making you uncomfortable, or if you’re holding onto emotions that are not flowing, perhaps fear, or excessive worry.  Stress is one of the most common causes of health problems.  If you don’t learn to focus your life on new perspectives and to trust more, you will suffer from nerves.

Beet, carrot and cucumber juice.  You can find carrot and orange juices in the stores that are good, but they will never be as good as natural juices made at home. That’s why we recommend that you buy the things you need and prepare it yourself.  It will also be cheaper.

REST AND TRUST: as we previously said, stress and mistrust, or fear, can directly affect your nerves.  There are a lot of things that could cause stress, lack of contact with those you love, not trusting in the future, feeling anxious for having lost something you were interested in, being a perfectionist, self-critical, feeling like something is blocking you from moving towards your goals, or like it’s difficult for you to achieve something, etc.  Take a good look at how you feel, and try to read things that make you focus on more beautiful ways of seeing life.  The book “You can Heal your Life” will be an enormous help for you.

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