Vaginal Herpes: Causes and Natural Treatment

If you have been told, or believe that vaginal herpes has no cure, you need to try a new form of healing, and nature will not fail you in this.  Vaginal herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, and is caused by type 1 and 2 simple virus (HSV-1 or HSV2).  This virus is usually transmitted by an infected partner during sexual relations, and in the majority of cases, symptoms are not very apparent, which is why women often times don’t notice it, or they confuse herpes with other skin conditions.
Vaginal Herpes: Causes and Natural Treatment

Probable symptoms for vaginal herpes

  • Blisters or outbreaks on or around the vagina.  The outbreaks are not always very noticeable, and an individual might not notice that they are infect.
  • If the blister pops, this is usually very painful and burns.  It could take a few days to heal or close.
  • Anytime there is a herpes outbreak, a woman may feel symptoms like those relating to the flu, muscle aches, fever, general aches and possible gland inflammation.  They are may feel hot due to the infection.
  • Outbreaks can occur several times.

Causes of vaginal herpes

  • Having sexual relations with an infected partner.
  • A weak immune system due to a poor diet and exaggerated stress in the woman.  Keep in mind that some bodies are much more resistant to infections than others, and this is because of toxin saturation in the body, which raises blood pH levels.  This leads to all sorts of illnesses and predisposes the body to infections.
  • Severe toxin accumulation because the body does not remove toxins well.  This happens when the woman has a poor diet and is exposed to stress or constant and prolonged feelings of aggressiveness.
  • Repressed anger, as well as feelings like disdain and disgust towards the body, self-criticism or criticism towards a partner, etc., are deep causes of vaginal herpes.

This infection is resistant to conventional treatments, but without a doubt, if you apply these pieces of advice, you will see noticeable improvement, and you could even eradicate vaginal herpes.

Natural Treatment for Vaginal Herpes

We are going to provide you with several natural methods of treatment for vaginal herpes.

General Tips:

  • Avoid using tight clothing made from synthetic fibers.  Always choose cotton clothing, especially intimate wear.  Keep appropriate personal hygiene, but avoid using corrosive pharmaceutical soaps or creams in this area, because they could be counterproductive.
  • Apply colloidal silver to the area 3 times a day.  Apply as a spray, and spray onto the affected area.


  • As you’ve already seen, all integral treatment for recovering health requires that you eat appropriate foods so that the body can benefit from the medicine in certain foods, and take the most advantage of them.
  • Start your diet with a cleansing diet to cure your body.  We recommend eating just one fruit, preferably pineapple, which quickly lowers bodily toxins.  Eat solely pineapple throughout the day, starting before breakfast by taking two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.  Then, drink one glass of warm water with a lemon squeezed into it.  Then start with the pineapple.  If it burns your tongue, withstand it for a while, the results are worth it!
  • Once you finish the day of cleansing, then start another day with the oil and lemon water, then eat papaya, which reduces inflammation.  Follow your normal diet, but avoid anything sugary, refined, and most of all, any form of cow’s milk.  Also avoid red meat or animal products.  These fill the body full of toxins, and milk especially, sticks to intestinal lining, preventing toxins from being eliminated.
  • Eat garlic every day.  Garlic is the best medicine for infections.  One soft clove of garlic would be sufficient, at night or in the afternoon, so that the smell doesn’t disturb you while you work.
  • Drink two liters of water a day, and include carrot juice with aloe and one tablespoon of chlorophyll at mid-morning.  Remember not to sweeten with anything, nor should you add lemon.  Only 3 components should be used to keep the medicinal effect potent.

Emotional work:

  • Once you start the diet, you should accompany it with observational work.  Observe whether or not you are angry, or if you have hidden complaints against someone.  This could be against yourself, or someone else.  The body expresses what you feel yet don’t talk about or recognize, in several different ways.  Also, take a look at whether or not you feel guilty or “dirty” from something you’ve done.

I recommend you read the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.  And if you need help releasing emotions, find a good psycho-bioenergetic therapist.

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