Gastritis: its Causes and Natural Treatments

Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane in the intestines, which is principally caused by poor diet with inconsistent schedules, but most of all, by emotional states like stress, anxiety, uncertainty, or prolonged nervousness.It is interesting to observe that currently, there is a large number of youth and small children that suffer from this condition, which is why it is important to take a look at what is causing it, and remedies to prevent and fight it.
Gastritis: its Causes and Natural Treatments

Causes of gastritis

  • Poor diet.
  • Inconsistent hours for eating.
  • Emotional states like stress, anxiety, uncertainty, fear, and nervousness (they provoke a secretion of constant gastric juices, which slowly debilitate the mucous membrane in the stomach).
  • Excessive medications, especially anti-inflammatories.
  • In the case of acute gastritis, this could be due to a viral infection, especially when the body’s defenses are weak.

In some occasions, this condition does not produce any symptoms.  However, it is most common that gastritis has the following effects on the body:

Symptoms of gastritis

  • Epigastric burning or pain.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting, sometimes with blood or small, brown lumps.
  • Indigestion.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Very dark feces.
  • Stomach acid.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Pain in the dorso-lumbar area.

A lot of illnesses can forge in the stomach, that produce, as an effect, these same symptoms and could be confused with gastritis.  However, there are symptoms like vomiting brown lumps, or constant indigestion, or stomach pain (burning), that could confirm without a doubt, that this is gastritis.  It has several classifications: acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, erosive gastritis, and atrophic gastritis.  Here are a few types of gastritis:

Types of gastritis

Type A gastritis: this type of gastritis affects both the body and the depths of the stomach.  It is generally associated with pernicious anemia.

Type B gastritis: This is the most common form, affecting all the stomach’s mucous membrane in older people.  Caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori.

Acute gastritis: this type of gastritis is completely curable.  It is characterized because it can last for a short amount of time if treated well.

Chronic gastritis: can last for months or years.

Erosive gastritis: This is the type of gastritis that already has caused erosion or loss of the protective layer of the stomach lining.

Natural treatments for gastritis

There are a lot of very effective natural remedies to solve gastritis.  You must keep in mind that allopathic medications irritate the body so that it reacts and “behaves”, but over time, the only thing they do it weaken the body’s immune system, because the body becomes used to receiving exterior stimulants.  It slowly conquers its own ability to self-heal.  This is what causes you to need more and more medications each time, or having to increase the dosage or the strength to solve a condition.

Following, a few effective remedies for treating gastritis

DIET: diet for people who have, or are prone to having, gastritis, should pay utmost attention to their diet.  Because this is a stomach problem, you must take the following steps.

Acceptable foods for the anti-gastritis diet are as follows

  • Lean or grilled fish, fruits (apples, pears, papaya, cantaloupe, banana, peaches, figs, etc.  Avoid citrus), whole grains, corn tortillas or whole wheat tortillas, non-flatulent vegetables preferably steamed, vegetable-based dairy (vegetable milks), panella cheese, cottage cheese or tofu, priobiotic foods, (excellent for restoring intestinal flora) like homemade yogurts, kefir, Bulgarian yogurt, etc., honey or grain molasses, cold pressed vegetable oils are allowed, whole-grain pastas, condiments like sea salt, aromatic herbs like rosemary, parsley, basil, sage, oregano, etc., whole grains like rice, oats, amaranth, polenta, wheat, barley, etc.

Banned foods

  • Refined sugars (and all its derivatives or foods that it is added to), irritating beverages like alcoholic drinks, coffee, and tea, packaged animal products like ham, sausages (contain too much harmful fat, salt, colorings, and additives that only irritate and weaken stomach functions), junk food, dairy from animal sources and its byproducts.  Also, avoid pepper, mayonnaise, fried foods, vinegar, peppers, margarine, butter, onions and raw garlic, chocolate, spicy or salty sauces or dressing.

Advice and natural treatment for gastritis

CHEWING: always remember to chew your foods well, until you feel they are a very smooth paste.  Good salivation for foods is  very beneficial, because it induces the greatest flow of gastric juices and helps foods to digest better in the stomach.

Home remedies for gastritis:

  • POTATO TREATMENT: fresh potato juice is another valuable remedy for gastrtisi.  The recommended dose to take is half a cup, two or three times a day, half an hour before foods.
  • COCONUT WATER: coconut water is one of the best gastritis remedies around.  This juice gives the stomach a break, providing it with necessary vitamins and minerals.  Drinking coconut water for an entire day is a perfect remedy.
  • RICE TREATMENT: to treat acute gastritis, it is perfect to eat rice porridge twice a day.
  • CANARY SEED TREATMENT: Canary seed milk is also very effective at treating gastritis.
  • CLEANSING DIET: see details below.
  • PHYTOTHERAPY: the wonder-herb is considered to have beneficial properties for treating gastritis.  It is recommended to drink an infusion with this herb, in one spoonful, twice a day, before eating.  Chamomile and/or mint infusions are also good for relaxing the stomach and promoting digestions.
  • HOT BOTTLE: fill a bottle with hot water and apply it to an empty stomach, or 2 hours before eating, twice a day.
  • MEDITATION: every time you feel tense or nervous, you should try to focus your thoughts on images or thoughts that clear your mind, and bring you peace and harmony.  But above all, accept yourself, and have confidence in the process of things.


Because gastritis has primary roots in emotional states of tension and anxiety, it is necessary that if someone wants complete recuperation, that they pay special attention to their emotions, in how to positively release them, and how to give feedback to their emotional world.

  • Bioenergetics is a fantastic therapy that works on the body’s level, removing muscular blockages when things accumulate, especially tension.  This therapy can help enormously to liberate states of tension, anxiety, stress, etc.
  • Practicing yoga, Tai Chi, or some type of meditation can help the patient to liberation tense emotions, and to nourish their emotional world.

Special diet for getting rid of gastritis

In the mornings, before breakfast, for two or three days, it would be excellent to gibe your stomach a necessary rest, and help it eliminate toxins and things that adhere to the intestines and stomach that cause inflammation.

In the mornings before breakfast, use the sage syrup diet, or drink just coconut or warm water for one or two days, or two fruits, like apples or pears.  The grape diet is also highly recommended.

Another recommended cleansing diet is to eat fresh papaya and warm water for one or two days.  This will deeply clean the body, and will revitalize intestinal flora.

After this diet, you must follow a very bland, high quality diet (consult a dietitian).  Do not eat in excess, and try to establish a schedule for each meal, and follow it.  You should not drink water during meals, because this dilutes gastric juices while eating, and makes digestion very heavy and prolongs.

Increase your consumption of probiotic foods, which are excellent for restoring intestinal fiber, but avoid industrial yogurts that contain a lot of additives and sugars, which are stomach irritants.

While eating, try to relax.  Do not eat hurriedly, and let go of problems and topics that cause you anxiety.  Eat as slowly as possible, and try to eat in a harmonious and pleasant environment.

Gastritis in children and youth

It is important to take a look at, most of all, what could be causing a youth or child a situation of stress, anxiety, or uncertainty.  A lot of times we don’t even notice it, especially children, with the rush and experiences of all kinds.  These make children feel fearful and full of anxiety.  A lot of time, we give them responsibilities at a very young age, and even though the child seems mature, and they may be intelligent and able to solve situations, this does not prevent them from sometimes feeling stress and pressure.

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