Polyps and the Colon: Cures and Natural Treatment

The word “polyp” literally means “several feet”, and it is used in zoology to designate animals with this characteristic.  If you were to look at an intestine or colon with polyps, it would look like a several legged animal, because the polyps are abnormal growths throughout intestinal tissue that grow in the mucous membrane throughout the large intestine, also known as the colon.  These protuberances project through the intestinal canal.  Some polyps are long or have a stem, while others are flat, more or less.

Polyps and the Colon: Cures and Natural TreatmentThere are several causes that could lead to polyps manifesting in the intestines, and it is one of the most common colon problems that affect the large intestine and the rectum.  Currently, 15% of the adult population is affected by them.  Although a lot of polyps are benign, they could become cancerous if not treated in time.

Symptoms of polyps in the large intestine (rectum)

Polyps generally do not create any symptoms, but sometimes they do cause hemorrhages, abdominal pain, mucous secretions, changes or imbalances in the intestines, etc.

Causes of polyps

  • Dietary deficiencies, poorly combined foods or eating excessive amounts of refined flour, red meat, etc., as well as sodas and junk food or fatty food.
  • Excessive stress due to feelings of rejection or being a victim.  Feeling like someone played a “dirty trick” on you, or that hurt you or did disgusting things to you, and you still hold on to the resentment.

Natural treatment

Health is forged in the intestines: if your intestines aren’t healthy, your body will reflect it in one way or another.  So if you suspect that you have polyps or you know you already do, we recommend you clean your body.  Even if you don’t suspect or know if you have them, it is always a good idea to cleanse your colon because a lot of toxins and heat accumulate there, making the perfect environment for incubating bacteria.

Cleansing diet

The papaya diet is by far the best.  If you don’t like papaya, you should consider that this fruit has extraordinary medicinal properties for the body in general, but even more so for the intestines.   If you don’t like it, just make the effort.  Drink it as a juice, or eat it in small bites, but follow the diet for one day, or preferably two days.  Eat only this fruit, along with two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.

If you experience healing symptoms, like a stomachache, headache, rash and even nausea, this is normal.  It means that the toxins are being moved.  If this is your case, eat soup made with vegetable broth and steamed vegetables.  Wait two hours to restart the diet again.

After this diet, continue eating raw and steamed vegetables.  Always start your morning with papaya or apple before breakfast, and a chamomile tea with a few drops of lemon, then two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.  Don’t eat any of the previously mentioned restricted foods, like refined flour, and definitely no cow’s milk or red meat.

Combine the juice from one lemon, aloe and celery to make a wonderfully healing green juice.  Blend the ingredients together and strain, drink before breakfast without sweetening, daily.

Also…take a look at your emotions

Work with your feelings.  If you have repressed anger or resentment towards someone, it’s time to let it go.  This will help you learn from your experiences, and to stop expecting from others and start to make yourself happy.  Accept yourself so that you don’t expect others to make you happy, or responsible for what you feel.

In this case, stop criticizing yourself and others.  Start to focus on what you like in life, and the seeds you want to sow.  If someone hurt you some time ago, you need to see that nothing that ever happiness to you is a problem, but rather an opportunity to grow and learn.  It is important that you make sure you don’t feel like a victim because these feelings will predispose you to this condition.


A weak and lazy intestine is a symptom of not exercising much.  This this case, do some yoga to help keep your intestines in good shape, and do abs to strengthen these muscles.  Your intestines will feel stronger.  Swimming, working out at the gym, dancing, and other activities could help as well.  Remember to enjoy your exercise, without being in a hurry, and give yourself time to release stress and repressed feelings.

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