5 Secrets for Making Yourself Happy

Everyone has felt sadness, depression or despondency before, or any of those emotions that stop us from starting the day or feeling fulfilled, motivated and content.

5 Secrets for Making Yourself HappyThere are a lot of reasons that can make us feel unmotivated.  Be it because things do go the way we had wanted, or because we feel like we give a lot and receive very little, or perhaps you go unnoticed, or are rejected, etc.

If you want to give yourself a little bit of energy and contentment to your life, making yourself happy, we suggest following these tips that will undoubtedly help fill you with a new sense of excitement.

1. The “happy” diet

A lot of times when you feel depressed or are lacking motivation, you don’t feel very hungry.  And yet, you need to make an effort to eat something nourishing.  Did you know that emotional states have a lot to do with how well fed and nourished you are?  If your nervous system is not well nourished, this will influence you to feel depressive, anxious, disappointed, sad, etc.  So do not hesitate in making yourself an energetic breakfast including citrus fruits, whole grains, and vegetable milks.  These will help invigorate your body.  At lunch time, you also need to choose a warm dish and a vegetable juice to invigorate your nervous system.  Include fish in your diet, as well as whole grain rice.  After eating lunch, eat a piece of ginger.  This is a good stimulant and will help you feel more motivated.  It will also help you absorb your food well.  Reduce or avoid white flour or white or refined sugar consumption as much as possible.  There are terrible for the nervous system and cause a lot of depressive states.  And don’t forget to drink at least two liters of water a day!  These foods will help you feel more energetic: pollen, ginger, brewer’s yeast, spirulina seaweed, whole grain energy bars, grain molasses, aloe and fresh vegetable juice.

2. Find a moment in the day and listen to music

Music that you like and that you could sing to someone you love very much, and then…sing it to yourself!  A lot of times we forget to tell ourselves beautiful things.  So close your eyes and dedicate a song that, at the end of the day, you should always remember to be your own best friend and to support yourself through what seem to be the most difficult moments!

3. Exercise a bit

Although you may not feel very motivated, try to make an effort.  If your brain is well oxygenated you will have more energy and will be able to create the hormones that help you feel more motivated and energetic.

4. Introspection session

Take the time to see what it is that is really making you sad or unmotivated.  Try not to flee from the pain or from what you feel, just because it “feels bad”.  A lot of times we end up saying things like “I don’t care”, when you really do.  And when you care a lot.  It is always very comforting to listen to what you don’t like, or to what hurts you, and to find new ways of orienting your energy and understanding.  A lot of times we slow down in order to calm the hurricane of daily life.  We learn to see inside ourselves and to understand a larger way of life.  In order to do this, try to read things that nourish your soul, and not things that make you feel more depressed or sad.  So try to read things that inspire your soul and that bring you knowledge of yourself and how to handle experiences and emotions in a way that nourish your life, rather than blocking it.  Learn to accept yourself as you are and avoid faking or being what you aren’t or do not feel.  Do not rely on fleeting pleasures alone to nourish your days, because once they leave you will feel just the same, or even worse.  It’s better to take advantage of this moment to install new alignments in your life that help you become the human being you want to be, or that you would like to be.

5. Focus your attention on beautiful things

Things that inspire you to be better than what you already are.  You can’t expect to feel very motivated if you are often watching catastrophic news, horror or frightening movies, or if you give weight to destructive and unpleasant thoughts.  Remember, you become that which you focus your attention on.  So try to see and keep your thoughts on things that make you feel grand and creative.

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