Are you thirsty? (Excessive thirst): symptom of Diabetes, Kidney failure, Heart disease, etc.

Do you frequently feel the urge to drink water?  Even though you drink water, are you still thirsty or have a dry mouth?  Do you feel like you constantly need to be drinking liquids?

Are you thirsty? (Excessive thirst): symptom of diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, etc.The truth is, drinking water is a very healthy habit, and being thirsty is normal, to a certain degree.  This happens when the body is a bit dehydrated and it sends a message to drink water so as to hydrate the body sufficiently.  You may be thirsty when exercising, when you walk a lot, if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, or if it’s very hot, etc.  If it is hot, the body will require water more frequently, to refresh the body and to help balance out the excessive heat.

Frequently needing to drink liquids, however, with no apparent cause, you be the result of a physical or emotional condition, like some sort of disease.

Excessive thirst could be a sign of the following:

  • The body has high sugar or glucose levels (hyperglycemia) circulating, which is an important symptom to detect for diabetes.
  • Excessive thirst could occur when consuming heavily salted or seasoned food, as well as when eating dehydrated foods that need a larger amount of liquids in order to hydrate correctly in the stomach.
  • When one has bled profusely, or after having donated blood.
  • Some medications could cause a lot of thirst, like diuretics, phenothiazines, anticholinergics, etc.
  • Diabetes
  • Serious infections in the body.
  • Heart, kidney or liver failure.
  • Excessive or prolonged and accentuated anxiety or uncertainty, which create imbalances or conditions in the heart or kidneys.

What to do if you are experiencing excessive thirst

If you are experiencing excessive thirst and you can’t find any apparent reasons for it, we recommend that you first consider reducing your stress, anxiety or uncertainty levels.  Often times people do not realize how stressed the are, nor do they take not of their emotions, because slowly they get used to it without noticing the deteriorating effects this has on the body.  Give yourself a break and center yourself on what you feel.  During this rest, take advantage of your time to plan a papaya diet to reduce toxemia levels in your body.  

Another thing to consider is the possibility of diabetes or liver, kidney, or heart failure.  In this case, the papaya diet will help you.  Start the diet by taking two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil before breakfast, and drinking a boldo or horsetail tea to regulate liver or kidney functions.

It is very important that if you have diabetes, you aren’t being “cold” or distant with your emotions.  In this case, you could be distancing yourself from what you truly want, which creates a certain sense of sadness or nostalgia, or loss, that slowly damages the liver and other functions, like the heart.  In this case, we recommend paying more attention to what you feel and letting your true feelings flow.  Don’t live for appearances, and start focusing on new changes that you may have been avoiding.

If, in addition to excessive thirst, you experience fatigue, blurry vision, or excessive urine elimination:

You need to get a lot more rest, and definitely follow a cleansing diet.  These symptoms could be a sign of severe bodily imbalances, especially in the liver, due to the lack of attention you pay yourself.

Whether you are experiencing just excessive thirst for no apparent reason, or if you also have the other symptoms, like blurry vision, etc., we recommend, regardless, that you start a cleansing diet with papaya for one entire day.  Afterwards, follow the diet by starting your day in the very same way, but avoid all sorts of junk food, fatty food, or refined products, especially flour and white sugar, like bread, cookies, pasta, etc.  Cow’s milk should be substituted by milks that are easier on the stomach, like almond or oatmeal milk.


Exercise helps release stress, anxiety, and also creates endorphins, which will keep you happy and relieved.  Choose any sort of activity that you like and start that very morning.  Slowly you’ll get in better shape, which will help balance your organs and systems daily, to mid-morning.

Regulatory juice for heart and liver health

  • 1 glass of carrot juice, freshly prepared
  • One stalk of celery
  • One piece of aloe
  • One tablespoon of chia

Place everything in the blender and blend well.  Sip slowly, salivating well for each sip.  Do not strain.  Drink daily at mid-morning.

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